University Honors Program

A select number of students are admitted each year into the University Honors Program through a special essay-based application. Most students apply and are admitted to the program at the same time they are admitted to Miami University. However, current and transfer students may apply to the program.

A rigorous learning program that attracts and challenges highly motivated students, the University Honors Program features the opportunity to enhance one’s liberal education plan by engaging in special honors seminars, independent research, study abroad and other intense learning while also fulfilling one's degree program requirements.

Students are required to complete a select number of designated Honors Experiences (e.g., small seminar classes) based on when they are admitted to the program. Honors students need to attain a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher in order to earn the "University Honors" transcript notation upon graduation.

Honors students have the option of living in honors themed residence halls and applying for funding for research and other projects.

Application deadlines for high school seniors and transfer students coincide with the application deadlines for the Miami University Application for Admissions. Current Miami students who did not join the honors program as incoming students also have an opportunity to apply. Applications are considered on a space-available basis only.

Students who are pursuing an Associate’s Degree on the regional campuses also have the opportunity to participate in the University Honors Program; these students should contact the Honors Program directors on the regional campuses for information about the application process.

For more information about the University Honors Program, please contact the Honors Program Office, 513-529-3399, or visit the program's website at

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