WST 1 Lenses and Legacies - Integrating Knowledge.

This thematic sequence explores real world problems through multiple disciplinary lenses. With a layered, interdisciplinary approach, students confront various legacies that situate us in the present moment. The sequencing of the courses allows students to move through a process of exploring and positioning themselves in the world, integrating knowledge across disciplines, and then applying solutions. Engaging different themes such as "Self and Place," "Hurricane Katrina," "Health and Community," or "Representing Place and Community, " students understand knowledge construction and practical experiences using inquiry-based and integrative methods. We note that the learning outcomes of the course will remain constant as topics vary.

1. WST 201 Self and Place (3), or
WST 231 Interdisciplinary Inquiry (3; maximum 6)

2. WST 301 Interdisciplinary Problems and Questions (3)

3. WST 322 Developing Interdisciplinary Projects: Using Analytical and Rhetorical Tools (3)

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