Miami Undergraduates

ELM is just a click away 

Don't let the requirements of taking an online class at another institution weigh you down.  With eLearning Miami's streamlined process, taking a class online is just a click away.

Review on-line courses (make sure to pick "online" as attribute and the "Oxford" campus) and go to MyMiami to register today. 


With ELM there is 

  • No new application to complete
  • No transcript to send
  • No hidden registration fees
  • Credits automatically transfer
  • Use our Canvas technology
  • Continue to rely on One Stop and Miami IT

ELM makes Miami Students’ lives easier because

ELM's calendar is in sync with yours     

  • The start and end dates for Miami's online courses are in sync with Miami's academic calendar.  This makes it easier to coordinate taking an online class during the winter and summer breaks while you might be interning, studying abroad, or vacationing.

Courses you are required to take from the Global Miami Plan are offered

  • Including general education classes in math, English composition, history and science which makes it easier to complete these at your own pace -- especially during winter and summer terms.

Canvas’ unique features keep you engaged with your instructor and other learners through

  • Online conferencing
  • Automated reminders of due dates and meetings
  • Faculty sharing of in-depth feedback on your homework and test scores

Use the Miami technology you already know to engage with Miami’s top-ranked faculty anytime and anywhere.