ELM Handouts

Here’s how - below are handouts that eLearning uses for training:


Applying the Miami Template - learn how to import different types of Miami Canvas templates (course template, home page, modules, syllabus) from Canvas Commons.

  • Introduce Canvas Commons
  • Introduce different versions of template
  • Import the template
  • Edit the home page
  • Setup modules

Accessible Web Pages in Canvas - learn how to construct an accessible web page in Canvas, and identity tools for web accessibility check.

  • Three-steps in creating accessible pages
  • UDOIT check for Canvas
  • WAVE for other website accessibility check

Creating Accessible Documents - learn how to check and create accessible documents, i.e. PDFs, MS word, PPT, and Google docs.

  • PDFs
  • MS Word
  • MS PPT
  • Google Docs

Create Accessible Video Content - learn how to create video content using available tools in Canvas, i.e. Kaltura, Canvas video commenting, and create closed captions for video content.

  • Kaltura video production
  • Canvas video recording
  • Closed captions

Outcomes and Rubrics - learn how to manage learning outcomes on a course and/or departmental level, as well as aligning the rubrics and exporting student data.

  • Set-up a learning outcome
  • Align the outcome with a rubric
  • Embed the rubric into an assignment
  • Learning Mastery View
  • Export student data
  • Manage rubrics

SpeedGrader & Gradebook - learn how to use the SpeedGrader to grade student assignments, and set up different types of rubrics.

  • Access SpeedGrader
  • Filter students in SpeedGrader
  • Mute Assignment
  • Two ways of using a rubric
  • Video Commenting
  • Mute/Unmute Assignment
  • Crocodoc View (currently inaccessible)

Student Collaboration and Engagement - learn how to set up students groups and utilize the collaboration tools (wiki pages, web conferences, and Google docs) in Canvas.

  • Set-up student groups
  • Student group pages
  • Group discussions
  • Group conferences
  • Group collaborations

Finding Past Enrollments - learn how to find Canvas courses that have been concluded.

Technology Sampler - learn about several specific tools to use in your Canvas courses, i.e badges, presentation tools, and concept mapping tools.

  • Badges
  • Slideshare
  • Concept Mapping Tool

Canvas Guides ResourceLearn more about how you can use Canvas features and tools by searching the Canvas Guides.

Atomic Learning ResourcesAtomic Learning resources are available in the IT Help knowledge base or log in with your Miami credentials at MiamiOH.edu/atomiclearning.