Online Course Design Resources

eLearning Miami has created several online Canvas courses to aid you in developing your own web-enhanced, hybrid or online courses. You can enroll yourself in these courses by clicking on the link to each course on the icons below.

Course Cookbook: Canvas Course Setup

This Canvas support course will guide you in creating or migrating a Canvas course site. Each module corresponds to a step in the course creation process.  The online course will walk you through the following steps:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Preparing the Course
  3. Downloading The Template
  4. Creating/Moving the Syllabus
  5. Creating/Moving Course Content (Pages)
  6. Creating/Moving Assignments
  7. Creating/Moving Quizzes and Exams
  8. Creating/Moving Discussions
  9. Finishing Touches
  10. Ensuring Accessibility

Course Cookbook: ELM Course Showcase

eLearning Miami encourages everyone to share, inspire and provide insight into best practices of course design. We have collected a series of exemplar course modules that you may look through to get ideas and see what is possible in your own course.

Learn more about how you can use Canvas features and tools by searching the Canvas Guides.

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