Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How much time should I spend on an eLearning course?

A.  During a standard semester term, students are expected to spend approximately nine hours a week for a three credit hour class in order to enjoy a high level of engagement and success.  During a three week winter term students should plan to spend 40 hours per week, and during a six week summer term expect to dedicate 20 hours per week to a three-credit class. Additionally, some classes may have student synchronous sessions that students will have to attend.  

Q.  What are my rights and responsibilities relative to Miami University?

A.  Refer to the Miami Bulletin for detail on student responsibilities when taking courses with eLearning Miami.

Q.  If I am not a student at Miami University, do I have to be accepted into Miami before taking courses?

A.  Yes, you must meet the requirements of a visiting student which are outlined in the Nondegree Students page.

Q.  Can I take more than one class at a time?

A.  Yes, you can take five classes before being formally admitted to Miami U.  However, given the academic commitment, we recommend you do not take more than three at the same time during a regular term, and that many only if you are dedicating yourself to full-time study.

Q. Do I need a student ID from Miami University to take a course through eLearning Miami if I am a full-time student at a different institution?

A. No. Students who do not attend Miami full-time  are not required to have a student ID.

Q. What is a Miami University account and will I get one if I take a class from ELM?

A. A university account provides access to a official Miami e-mail account, Miami’s Learning Management System called Canvas, Miami's library, and many other systems including Google applications.  When you are accepted into Miami you will be issued a Miami unique ID which is required to access a university account.

Q.  Who do I contact if I have an issue with the technology while I am taking a course through ELM?

A. Miami University’s Informational Technology team can be reached at IT@Miami.

Q. How do I get my books?

A. Your professor will publish a syllabus through the Canvas Learning Management System (the learning platform that connects you and your instructor) or via an e-mail before class with a list of books you may order through Miami’s bookstore, or Amazon, or some other resource.  (Miami will ship to you at an additional cost.). Keep in mind shipping times for the Miami bookstore when placing your order.

Q. How do I find Canvas Learning Management System so I can connect with Miami, my instructor and my class?

A. Once you are admitted and receive your unique ID, you can then log into My Miami where you will click on the Canvas icon. You may also go to Access Canvas page. 

Q. How do I learn how to use Canvas Learning Management System. 

A. For everything from an overview video to details of specific tools, go to the Canvas for Students page.

Q.  Where do I go if I have problems with my course? 

A.  If it is a technical issue, Miami’s Information Technology group can help. They are an excellent resource and you can call them, engage them in live chat, or e-mail your questions. For other issues related to the class or instructor you can contact your professor or the head of the department.  For other general questions, call eLearning Miami (ELM) at +1 513 529 6068.

Q. Do I ever have to come to the Miami University Oxford campus?

A. If you are taking a fully online class you do not have to come to Miami’s Oxford campus.  If you are taking a hybrid class, it is likely that you will have to come to campus.

Q. What kind of equipment do I need?

A.  Students taking courses through eLearning Miami require a desktop computer or laptop and high speed Internet access. Other technical requirements are outlined in the web page of What computer/hardware is required.

Q. What if I have a issue with the course or my teacher -- how can I register a complaint? 

A. If you have an issue with your professor that you can’t resolve, you may contact the head of the department. For more information about courses complaints, see the information about complaints and grievances on the state authorization page.  

Q.How do I get accommodation if I have a disability?  

A.  Miami is committed to meeting the needs of all students including those who complete coursework through any of our eLearning Miami offerings.  If you have a disability that requires special accommodations, please contact Miami’s Office of Disability Services at 513-529-1541 or We want to ensure that from the first day of classes you are fully able to participate.

For further questions about accessibility at Miami University please review resources and offices available on the accessmu website, or contact us at

Q. How will I know when my course starts? 

A. Both winter and summer terms are short and very concentrated. Most ELM courses become available about a week before the term starts, so you can get your books and begin working on early assignments.  Thoroughly review your course syllabus once your instructor publishes your course in Canvas. For information regarding official start dates, refer to Miami’s academic calendar.

Q.  What if I change my mind and decide not to take a course?

A.  Refer to Miami’s academic calendar for drop dates.

Q. Will Miami be offering bachelor degrees in the online format in the near future?

A. Miami University's flagship Oxford campus does not plan to offer online bachelor degrees, although our graduate division has a growing number of online graduate programs and certificatesMiami Unversity's regional campuses are an excellent resource for fully online bachelor's degrees.