How does eLearning work?

eLearning’s Roots  

Miami University’s learning environment looks vastly different today from when it opened its doors over 200 years ago. The historic Oxford campus, which Robert Frost called "the most beautiful campus that ever there was," is still a place of learning and connection. But today's 21st century technology has significantly enhanced this interaction between teachers and students.

Canvas Learning Management System

ELM’s  virtual learning platform uses video, audio, text, and other media to connect students all over the world with the  same esteemed faculty who teach on Miami’s iconic Oxford campus.  To facilitate this process, Miami recently adopted the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) which is the fastest growing LMS in the country.  Respected peer institutions including Brown, Dartmouth, eCornell, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and the University of Pennsylvania have switched to Canvas to optimize their distance learning platforms.

Who is Learning Online?

While nothing replaces the experience of face-to-face learning, virtual learning fueled by the internet has wide appeal.  According to a recent study of distance learning trends, about one-third of higher education students now take at least one course online.  

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