Audition Requirements - Voice

An accompanist will be provided for you if you wish. It is helpful if you send the titles, composers, and keys of your audition selections in advance. Requirements for your selections are listed below:

  • Classical repertoire only.
  • Two selections, either art songs or arias.
  • One selection must be in English, the other in a foreign language.
  • Music must be memorized (bring music for the accompanist).
  • Audition also includes sight-reading and tonal memory examples.


  • Work with a voice teacher to select repertoire that is suitable for your voice and allows you to sound your best.
  • Choose repertoire that you have already performed, or will perform before your audition.
  • Choose two contrasting selections (style, tempo, mood).
  • Live auditions are strongly recommended.

Download  a printable PDF of this information