Audition/Interview Preparation

At your audition/interview, we want you to present two different examples of creative work you have done, whether in theatre or other related disciplines. These may include:

  • Stories, plays, or creative writing
  • A monologue or song
  • Pictures of three dimensional art (ceramics, sculpture, mixed media)
  • Two dimensional art you’ve created (drawing, painting, photography)
  • Biographies of characters you’ve played on the stage
  • Character journals or process journals you’ve kept
  • Photos of set pieces, props or costumes you built
  • Set sketches, models, or renderings
  • Drafting or mechanical drawing (hand or CAD)
  • Costume sketches or renderings
  • Light plots and/or images of lighting you’ve designed
  • Choreography notations
  • Parts of prompt book
  • Sound recordings of original compositions or effect manipulation
  • Essays or research papers on theatre or drama, or any class project relating to theatre
  • Digital movies you've made or web pages you've built

If you are a performer, please show us only one monologue or song, and another example of creative work from the list above. Please note that there will NOT be a live accompanist. If you want to sing, bring a recording of your accompaniment.

If you are a designer, technician, or stage manager, please assemble a portfolio containing at least two different examples of creative work from the list above.

If you do everything, great! Bring in two examples of what you do best, or what makes you the most proud.

Ultimately, you want to show us the bounds of your unique creative talents. Be prepared to talk about your work, the choices you made preparing it, and what excites you about it.

For additional information, please contact the department at (513) 529-3053 or