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Humanities Scholars

The Humanities Scholars program invites students to explore the role of the humanities—including history, languages, literature, film, civics, philosophy, religion and the arts—in an intellectual community of thinkers. The program will open pathways to a broad range of professions—as research now shows that humanities majors enjoy a diversity of careers, and are exceptionally happy in their jobs. The Humanities Scholars program builds on student strengths by leading students toward an individual research experience, a relatively rare undergraduate achievement that is highly prized by both employers and graduate admission boards. Scholars will receive the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to enroll in a Scholars-only seminar related to the annual Altman Program in the Humanities. Modeled after the National Endowment for the Humanities “Enduring Questions” seminars will explore a question of fundamental importance to human life
  • Guaranteed enrollment in the special Altman Undergraduate Course during the third year. Scholars benefit from Altman Faculty Fellows who teach the course and will be encouraged to engage in advanced research on a Humanities-oriented topic
  • Opportunity to enroll in Humanities Scholars research workshops, led by the Assistant Director of the Humanities Center, to assist in launching a research project
  • Guaranteed enrollment in the premier Luxembourg Summer Humanities Institute, a small community of ambitious student-scholars who work one-one-one with peers and faculty toward completion of a sophisticated, independent research project
  • Networking with distinguished Miami alumni who majored in Humanities, fostering connections to aid in career and professional preparation
  • Specialized faculty mentoring, beginning in the first year, including professional development such as special workshops on career exploration, graduate school, and working with non-profits. Opportunities to attend a Scholars-only lunches with the dean, department chairs, and faculty
  • Guaranteed membership in the College of Arts and Science Ambassadors, an elite student service group that supports the dean by providing a student perspective on College of Arts and Science activities

To be considered for the Humanities Scholars program, you must select a major in the College of Arts and Science and you must select one of the following Academic/Professional Areas of Interest on the Common Application: English language and literature; History; Humanities, liberal arts and general studies; Philosophy; or Religious studies/theology.

For more information, contact Tim Melley or Elizabeth Stockton.