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Student Life

Why Miami?

  • Lindsay Frank

    When I walked on campus for the first time I fell in love with the atmosphere, environment, and the opportunities it provided me.

    Before even making my final decision I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with a professor and he went out of his way to talk to my dad and me. He also gave me his home and cell number and told me he would help me anyway he could and to always know he is there. He has kept this promise and is one of the best professors I have ever had. This is not something out of the ordinary at Miami, just an example of the wonderful connection of professors to students.

  • Quincy Walker

    At first, I didn't want to come to Miami because it's so close to home. I felt like all of the people from my high school went to Miami's Oxford or Hamilton campus. I then visited campus during the Bridges Program, which is for underrepresented high school seniors. I spent the night in Oxford and got to explore campus and stay in a first year residence hall. I pretty much fell in love with Miami during that visit.

  • Anne Planic

    I knew the minute I drove over the paved red brick road Uptown and took a tour of campus that I would call Oxford home. I chose Miami because it is the epitome of a quintessential college town with beautiful red brick buildings, an enthusiastic student body, and professors who strive to see you not only reach your goals, but exceed them.

    The unique opportunities that Miami has to offer, including networking with top business companies, listening to famous keynote speakers, and meeting amazing people through all the different and diverse clubs on campus, have helped shape me into a confident, independent person that is proud to be a Redhawk.

  • Perry Porter

    Of all the places I visited, I felt the most at home at Miami. The students here seemed excited about life and not at all confined by the campus setting - campus life actually helped them find and pursue their passions. That was something I was looking for in a college: a place to live a whole life and not be solely defined to my academic pursuits.

  • Jon Wallace

    I heard mostly about Miami through word of mouth we had some family friends who went here. So, after I visited I fell in love with the campus I was immediately drawn to it, it was very nice and the tour was really engaging and I got to meet some of the professors.

  • Hayley Humen

    I first decided to look at Miami because both my mom and my aunt attended school here. It was the first school I visited and the second I stepped on campus, I knew that it was the place for me. Since my mom attended Miami as well, she knew when the perfect time to tour was--October. I was blown away by the beautiful trees against the red brick buildings and I knew it was immediately my home. Miami offered me the perfect size and infinte opportunities. I ended up applying Early Decision and have never regretted it since!

Educator-Student Connections

  • Dr. Samir Bali and Ethan Clements

    Physics major Ethan Clements investigates the dynamics of ultracold atoms (colder than outer space!) with Dr. Samir Bali, Professor of Physics. A member of the research team since his freshman year, Ethan constructs state-of-the-art laser and fiber-optic systems.

  • Dr. Yoshi Tomoyasu and Alan Hu

    Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Yoshi Tomoyasu credits zoology major Alan Hu for designing a project to determine how beetles use their wings as a protective shield. Dr. Tomoyasu says, “In the research lab, I may have more experience, but we both are scientists.”

  • Dr. Melissa Thomasson and Kelsey Skvoretz

    Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Melissa Thomasson advises economics and quantitative economics double-major Kelsey Skvoretz as she searches for links between government policy and childhood obesity. Kelsey’s goal is to determine which policies are most effective at changing how much kids weigh.

  • Dr. Eric Hodgson and Shankar Poncelet

    To develop a new, more customer-friendly website for a natural food co-op, interactive media studies and software engineering double-major Shankar Poncelet conducted web usability tests and evaluated behavioral analytics under the guidance of Dr. Eric Hodgson.

  • Michelle Thomas and Samantha Kent

    Marketing and international studies double-major Samantha Kent turned to Michelle Thomas in the Farmer School of Business for advice on organizing a fundraiser to benefit her hometown of Newtown, CT after the tragic school shootings. Samantha says, “With more than 100 participants and $5,000 raised for sustainable programming in my town, we truly made a difference.”

  • John Humphries and Carleigh LaFrance

    Associate Professor of Architecture and Interior Design John Humphries encouraged architecture major Carleigh LaFrance to consider more than aesthetics in her studio project. Thinking about the very way that the human body moves, Carleigh devised a robotic chair that can walk forward and backward.

  • Dr. Amy Yousefi and Conor Flavin

    Bioengineering major Conor Flavin works with Dr. Amy Yousefi to build synthetic bone scaffolds that foster tissue regeneration. Conor says, “The best part about working with Dr. Yousefi is how willing she is to allow undergraduates to take on such a major role in her research lab.”

Research opportunities are everywhere.

  • {Research opportunities are everywhere.}

    Faces of Research

    Join more than 2,000 students who work with professors on funded research each year. No matter your area of study, we have a research program that works for you.

  • {Research opportunities are everywhere.}

    Lyndsey McMillon


    “Doing research helps because it is the physical application of what you learn in class and it inspired me to go to graduate school.”

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    Read more about Lyndsey

    Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering double-major, Lyndsey McMillon interned at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, testing solar cells to see how they will perform in space. Next year, Lyndsey will go on to graduate school at Yale to study chemical engineering.

  • {Research opportunities are everywhere.}

    Project High Flight

    Students from all backgrounds come together in Project High Flight, an interdisciplinary endeavor to develop a remote-controlled, long duration, high altitude balloon designed to fly missions to the edge of space.

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    More from team member Emma Kunimoto

    "It lets me work with other students and not just those in my discipline. We work with people from all different majors and what has surprised me the most is what I've learned from them. It's interesting to see us all come together."

  • {Research opportunities are everywhere.}

    Emmanuel Caster


    “There are things I learn in a research lab that give me an advantage. That’s the type of learner that I am. If I’m able to go hands-on, to touch it, then I’ll always remember it.”

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    More from Emmanuel

    Kinesiology major, Emmanuel chose to study how leptin, a chemical in the body that regulates energy balance, could be used to fight obesity.

  • {Research opportunities are everywhere.}

    Rachael Fraleigh


    “I learned how a client’s needs can continually change and you have to be prepared to pick up and start in a new direction at the drop of a hat.”

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    More from Rachael

    Graphic Design and Marketing double-major, Rachael worked on Highwire Brand Studio, an interdisciplinary project to help Procter & Gamble find new consumers for its Olay line of beauty products.

  • {Research opportunities are everywhere.}

    Joseph Bushur


    "This project allowed me to think about the role of theatre in enabling audiences to imagine a more just world."

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    More from Joseph

    Theatre and English Literature double-major, Joseph researched Shakespearean parody and improv, attended an Improvised Shakespeare Company’s performance in Chicago, and also interviewed the troupe’s director.

Life-changing. Passport-requiring.

  • number three for study abroad participation among public doctoral institutions

    Number Three

  • Miami's European campus in Luxembourg is a great place to take classes for a semester. Students live with a host family and participate in a week-long faculty-guided field study tour in another country.

    Miami Luxembourg

  • Make an impact on a community in Ghana, West Africa and gain real world experience by designing and constructing buildings in collaboration with local citizens.


  • Immerse yourself in Chinese language and business practices in the Pacific Rim summer program. You’ll hear guest-lectures from prominent industry practitioners and visit corporate facilities of world-renowned companies.

    Pacific Rim Program

First Miami, then the world

  • Tariq Lacy

    Tariq Lacy

  • Kelly Muenchen

    Kelly Muenchen

  • Matthew Cheung


  • Ryan Martini

    Ryan Martini

  • Kathleen Grady

    Kathleen Grady

  • Michelle McVicker

    Michelle McVicker

  • Sarah Shew

    Sarah Shew

  • Stefanie Wagner

    Stephanie Wagner

You're worth a lot. We'd like to return the favor.

  • Seventy-five percent of undergraduate students who receive some form of financial assistance from Miami, the state of Ohio, or the federal government.

    72% of Undergraduate students who receive some form of financial assistance from Miami, the state of Ohio, or the federal government.

  • Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine listed Miami as one of the “100 Best Values in Public Colleges” in 2013, ranking Miami 47th nationally. Miami has appeared on the list since it was first published in 1998.

    Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine listed Miami as one of the “100 Best Values in Public Colleges” in 2013, ranking Miami 47th nationally. Miami has appeared on the list since it was first published in 1998.

  • 66 percent of the fall 2014 first year students were offered a scholarship or grant.

    70% of the fall 2012 first year students received a scholarship or grant from Miami University.

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