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Design and Production

Better Understand the Request Form Options

The first screen is information gathering for the project. Name, location, due date, etc. All fields are mandatory, so you cannot hit "next" unless they are all complete.

The second screen is where you select what pieces you would like. The most frequently used are below.  View a full list of print shop products and services.

  • Digital Ad
  • Paper Posters (of all sizes)
  • PVC Posters (same as poster boards)
  • Sandwich Boards
  • Flyers (of all sizes)

The difference between paper posters and flyers is the type of paper they are printed on. If you request a poster, it will be on cardstock. Usually, these are posted to windows, walls or bulletin boards. If you request a flyer, it will be on regular paper. These are mainly used for handouts.

PVC posters (poster boards) do not come with an easel, so if you need to borrow one, please put that in the comments section.

Sandwich boards will come "borrowed" from our stock at CSC. If you would like one (or more) for permanent use at the MPC, we will assist in ordering. They are $86 each (plus shipping if applicable). If you'll be keeping them for more than two weeks, we request that you make the investment.

What to Do If You Have Questions

If you get stuck anywhere or want something that isn't listed on the form, please give Missy Davish a call at 529-2791. Sometimes there are unique projects that require a meeting and/or materials that we don't normally list for everyday requests and we would be happy to discuss.

Design, Proof, Print, Delivery

Student designers work through requests based on their due date. We do not currently have designers dedicated by area, this is why you will see a slight style variety in the proofs you receive.

Upon completion of design, students proof in-house with the current student manager. Any outstanding issues or questions will be addressed by a full-time marketing staff. After internal approval, designs are sent out to the requesting area contact. Any edits are communicated directly to the designer. Once a mutually acceptable graphic is reached, the contact will reply to the student with the word “approved” somewhere in the response. We will NOT move projects into production unless that specific word is used. This ensures clear accountability on both sides.

Once moved to production, project files are prepared for printing and/or digital posting. Projects are printed in the order they are received and then grouped together by print material in order to best use resources.

After printing, the projects receive any necessary finishing tasks. This includes trimming, folding, mounting, hemming, etc. All standard tasks are completed in-house.

Completed pieces are boxed, bagged or rolled and organized for delivery. Deliveries occur on a structured basis determined by student shift availability. Any project may be picked up at CSC by indicating this choice on the request form.

All projects are subject to review process and approval by directors. Large-scale projects requiring extensive installation, specialized skills, or posing potential risk or liability to University property and/or staff is subject to review process and director level approval. A 60-day lead time is appreciated to accomplish departmental projects.

Other Important Information

  • The full process requires two weeks unless otherwise discussed.
  • Successful designs can be reused up to two years in a row.
  • Designs can be denied. To request a new design from a student, please politely ask them to see another option. Remember to be courteous, as they are still learning their trade.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to request items that aren't listed on the form?

If your project requires pieces that are not listed on the form, please contact Missy. A site visit may be necessary to gather all the information for your special order.

My project requires installation. How do I request and schedule the work?

Projects requiring installation, such as large vinyl prints or window graphics, should be discussed with Missy before a request is submitted. This will ensure your project is built into the production/installation schedule and will be completed to your time requirements. A request will still be required after the consultation conversation.

I only need design work done, nothing printed. How do I request that?

In your description, please denote that this is "Design Only" and enter zero for the print quantity. Sizes should still be entered.

I was told my photo is too small, too low quality, etc. How do I provide a usable image?

Photos must be 300dpi, which refers to the quality of the image itself. The physical size of the photo depends on the final output of the piece. The larger the print, the larger the photo will need to be. Pulling images off the internet (Google, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) is not acceptable due to the low quality and possible copyright issues. If you'd like to schedule a photoshoot, please use the photo request form.

How can I check the status of my request?

A weekly spreadsheet is sent every Monday with an updated status for each open order we have in the system that week. If you do not see your project listed (and you have submitted a request) or if you do not receive this weekly update, please contact Missy.

I already have the design done. How do I request a print?

All designs will be reviewed by the Auxiliary Marketing team. Attach your file to the request form along with the size and quantity, as usual. Your design will not be printed as-is if: • it is not in compliance with University branding • it is sized incorrectly • it is not up to the design standards of the department If your design is redone, you will receive a proof to approve along with the reasoning for redesign.

I am not part of HDRBS. Can you still print my files?

At this time, we are not able to complete any work for areas outside HDRBS.

I was told my project could not be completed by Auxiliary Marketing due to large quantity, tight timeline, scale, etc. What are my other options?

All standard print jobs can be taken to Oxford Copy Shop uptown and paid for by credit card. Specific terms will be negotiated with OCS. Any large format jobs (posters, banners, etc.) can be taken to a sign shop, such as Insignia Signs in Dayton. Missy is available to aid in the conversations with any outside vendor.

What is the 5 digit number used to name my proof files?

Our project management system automatically assigns each new order a number. This number (i.e., 17217) is used to tie the request with the matching design/print files. We are able to provide an Excel sheet of all order numbers for your area upon request. Requests for reprints or reuse of designs can be referenced by this number.