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Our team oversees and maintains Auxiliary Services websites with the help of our students and several key people in each area. Our websites had 1.3 million sessions and over 3.3 million page views in FY17.

Auxiliary Services websites include:

We rely on areas to keep their content fresh. Below is the process to make an edit on your website.

  1. Fill out the Web Edits Form.
  2. Once you submit an edit, one of our web students will start on the edit.
  3. The student will send a test link to you and Jess Young.
  4. Once you give approval, Jess will then publish the edit.

We ask for five business days for the edits to go through the full process. If you are looking to do a major update or add a new page, more time will be needed and will be reviewed by our web team. 

Best Practices

Shorter is better. Provide concise information that gets your customer the answers they are seeking and gets your customer to take an action. We follow many of the web guidelines provided by University Communications and Marketing (UCM). Follow the links below to view several best practices from UCM.

If you have any questions, please contact Jess Young at youngjd2@miamioh.edu.