Ambassadors N-R

Mayu Nakano

photo of Mayu NakanoHometown: West Chester Ohio
Class: Senior
Majors: English/Creative Writing; East Asian Languages and Cultures (concentration in Japanese)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: comparison of how people with disabilities are portrayed through American and Japanese literature
    • studied abroad (Asian Studies) at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan
    • Japanese Culture and Language Club

Charlie Naus

photo of Charlie NausHometown: Denver, CO
Class: Freshman
Major: University Studies
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • University Academic Scholars Program
    • Filmmaking and Photography
    • Skiing and Soccer

Nicole Niemeyer

photo of Nicole NiemeyerHometown: Cincinnati, OH
Class: Senior
Major: Biology (with Environmental Science co-major and a minor in French)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: geological impacts of mills in Butler County, OH
    • studied abroad in Dijon, France
    • Institute for Food at Miami (student founding member)

Ben Neuhaus

photo of Ben NeuhausHometown: Kirkwood, MO
Class: Senior
Majors: Mathematics; Quantitative Economics
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: improving the Black-Litterman mathematical model
    • Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity
    • Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Tabitha Nolan

photo of Tabitha NolanHometown: West Carrollton, OH
Class: Senior
Majors: Spanish; Spanish Education
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • studied abroad in Colombia (January 2015) and Costa Rica (Spring 2015)
    • serving in the community
    • traveling and learning to play guitar

Julia Olmsted

photo of Julia OlmstedHometown: Cincinnati, OH
Class: Senior
Major: Individualized Studies
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: effect horror movies on different people
    • studied abroad in Denmark, Germany, England, France and Spain (Summer 2016)
    • Zeta Tau Alpha sorority (Philanthropy Chairperson; Secretary)

Anna Osatuke

photo of Anna OsatukeHometown: Oxford, OH
Class: Senior
Majors: Botany; Russian with Literature Focus (with a minor in Horticulture)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: avian fat metabolism; structure of lipodisq
    • studied abroad in Russia (Summer 2015)
    • writer for GreenHawks Media

Malory Owen

photo of Malory OwenHometown: Dover, IN
Class: Junior
Major: Zoology (with Environmental Science co-major)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: vegetation at female prairie voles' nests and their lifetime reproductive success
    • undergraduate teaching assistant BIO 209 - Fundamentals of Ecology
    • Undergraduate Summer Scholar award

Dylan Palo

photo of Dylan PaloHometown: Oxford, OH
Class: Senior
Majors: Physics; Mathematics
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: assessment of NADH conformation using spectral phasor analysis
    • worked as a Mechanical Technician at Fermilab National Laboratory (Summer 2016)
    • Undergraduate Research Award (2015)

Julia Pangalangan

photo of Julia PangalanganHometown: Centerville, OH
Class: Junior
Major: Psychology (with a minor in Nutrition)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • studied abroad in Granada, Nicaragua, as part of a medical-Spanish immersion (Winter)
    • Pre-Physicians Assistant Club (New Member Director)
    • MiamiMED (member)

Mira Patel

photo of Mira PatelHometown: Naperville, IL
Class: Sophomore
Majors: Political Science; Economics (with a minor in Spanish)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: media bias against female political candidates in the 1970s-1990s (with Dr. Monica Schneider)
    • University Academic Scholars Program-Law and Public Policy Scholar
    • Associated Student Government (Academic Senator for CAS (Soft Sciences))

Cody Philips

photo of Cody PhilipsHometown: Bexley, OH
Class: Senior
Major: Mathematics and Statistics (with Analytics co-major and a minor in Actuarial Science)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • Miami University Pep Band (tenor saxophone)
    • Chi Psi fraternity
    • student instructor (calculus)

Wynne Pickus

photo of Wynne PickusHometown: Lake Forest, IL
Class: Sophomore
Major: International Studies
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • studied abroad in Switzerland
    • taught children in Moshi, Tanzania
    • traveling, playing tennis, and charity work

Ali Preissing

photo of Ali PreissingHometown: Arlington Heights, IL
Class: Senior
Majors: International Studies; Italian Studies; Political Science
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: migration in the European Union after Brexit
    • studied abroad in Urbino, Italy (Summer 2014)
    • Miami University Tour Guide

Rasika Rane

photo of Rasika RaneHometown: Mumbai, India
Class: Senior
Majors: Journalism; Electrical Engineering
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • studied abroad in Italy (Summer 2016)
    • International Student Organization Committee
    • The Miami Student (Staff Writer)

Maggie Reilly

photo of Maggie ReillyHometown: Western Springs, IL
Class: Senior
Major: Political Science (with minors in Entrepreneurship; Rhetoric/Writing)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • Associated Student Government (Secretary for On-Campus Affairs)
    • Miami Club Volleyball team
    • watching documentaries

Haleigh Richards

photo of Haleigh RichardsHometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Class: Senior
Major: Geology (with Sustainability co-major)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: contaminants in parking lot sediment; apatite crystal structures
    • studied abroad in Zambia (Summer 2016)
    • Miami University Geological Society (President)

Sarah Robison

photo of Sarah RobisonHometown: Cincinnati, OH
Class: Sophomore
Major: Psychology (with minors in Management and Leadership; Family Relationships)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: behavior, emotions, and relationships
    • Instructional Materials Center (librarian)
    • Younglife Leader at a nearby high school

Gavin Rogers

photo of Gavin RogersHometown: Milford, OH
Class: Senior
Major: Strategic Communication (with a minor in Comparative Religion)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • serving my community
    • Alpha Phi Omega (Brotherhood Chair)
    • playing music and singing in Collegiate Chorale

Katie Rogers

photo of Katie RogersHometown: Muncie, IN
Class: Freshman
Major: German
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • foreign languages
    • history, writing
    • tennis

Mackenzie Rossero

photo of Mackenzie RosseroHometown: Hinckley, OH
Class: Sophomore
Majors: Journalism; English/Creative Writing
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • University Academic Scholars Program-Writing for the Media Scholar
    • The Miami Student (Staff Writer, Layout Designer)
    • Chi Omega women's fraternity

Eric Rubeo

photo of Eric RubeoHometown: Montgomery, OH
Class: Senior
Majors: English/Creative Writing; English/Literature; Adolescent English Education
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society
    • editing fiction and poetry for Happy Captive Magazine
    • writing and reading

Danielle Rymers

photo of Danielle RymersHometown: Westerville, OH
Class: Senior
Majors: English/Literature; East Asian Languages and Cultures (with a minor in Asian/Asian American Studies)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • winner of International Friendship Competition (International Student Organization)
    • Japanese Culture and Language Club (Event Chair)
    • orchestra (French horn), writing, reading