Advice from Alumni

  • Don't Forget What You Learn Here

    openquoteMiami is a magic institution and anything that you get out of Miami is going to help you in the future.    closequote

    - Terence Moore (Miami, 1978), national sports journalist

  • Gain Communication Skills

    openquoteThe communication skillset is something we look for a lot in our recruits.    closequote

    - David Groff (Miami, 1991), pricing analytics department head

  • Don't Be in a Rush

    openquoteDon't be in too much of a rush, explore lots of different things, and jump in feet first.    closequote

    - Sara Eilert (MA, Miami, 2006), senior acquisitions editor

  • Good Work Gets Noticed

    openquoteSomebody will help the good work rise to the surface.
    It will get noticed.    closequote

    - Wil Haygood (Miami, 1976), journalist and author

  • 'Lean Into' the Miami Brand

    openquoteTry to find your passion, try to understand your purpose, and
    try to get a sense of where you have potential to do great things.    closequote

    - Damon A. Williams (Miami, 1994), Senior Vice President for Programs, Training, and Youth Development for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America