Basic Interviewing Skills (Career Services)
(September 2)

DIY Leadership:
Creating and Leading Your Own Student Organizations

(September 2)

Resumes & Cover Letters (Career Services)
(September 2)

Finding Your Fit (Career Services)
(September 3)

Career Mapping & Planning (Career Services)
(September 4)

Resume Workshop (Career Services)
(September 5)

Training Session for Career Fair
(September 8)

Networking & Dining Etiquette (Career Services)
(September 9)

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'Lean Into' the Miami Brand

openquoteTry to find your passion, try to understand your purpose, and
try to get a sense of where you have potential to do great things.    closequote

- Damon A. Williams (Miami, 1994), Senior Vice President for Programs,
  Training, and Youth Development for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America