Advice from Alumni

  • Teamwork Is Very Important

    openquoteReally try and seek out other people to help you, to give you advice, to guide you.closequote

    - Jamie L. Cohen (Miami, 2002), R & D Director and Chemist

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  • Be Opportunistic

    openquoteIt seems like successful people are people who will keep an open mind, and be opportunistic, but at the same time, aren't just waiting for something to fall in their laps.closequote

    - Ryan Batt (Miami, 2009), marine science post-doc

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  • Talk to Everybody

    openquoteTalk to people, talk to your fellow students, talk to your professors.    closequote

    - Alex Intorcio (Miami, 2010), research and evaluation assistant

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  • Studying the Past for the Future

    openquoteIt is crucial to have this sort of science and humanities combination of knowledge, even if you don't specialize in it.    closequote

    - Jose R. Oliver (Miami, 1977), Reader, University College London

    Studying the Past for the Future Video Transcript

  • Don't Worry

    openquoteIThe experiences that you gain at Miami [are] those intangible skill sets that companies really do seek.    closequote

    - Chris Hines (Miami, 2008), executive recruiter

    Don't Worry Video Transcript