Winter Term
(January 2-26)

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
(January 21)

Spring Classes Begin
(January 28)

USS Student Application Deadline
(February 1)

Gilman Scholarship Information Session
(February 8)

Adding a Course?

Several CAS departments are piloting the ROR system that will ultimately replace the current force-add process. Some departments will be using a waitlist in Bannerweb. Learn more:

Advice from Alumni

  • Take a Good Teacher

    openquoteAnybody who goes into the workforce with those degrees is going to have a step above other people, especially in the beginning of their career, when it's really about can you get things done, and can you communicate clearly.closequote

    - Douglas Tirola (Miami, 1988), writer, director, producer, and filmmaker

    Take a Good Teacher Video Transcript

  • Try a Lot of Different Things

    openquoteTry a lot of different things. I am a huge believer in internships. They provide you with great ways to take what's happening beyond Miami and then bring it back to your classes and try and figure out how to apply what you've learned to the classes that you're taking.closequote

    - Susan W. Brooks (Miami, 1982), U.S. Congresswoman

    Try a Lot of Different Things Video Transcript

  • Soft Skills Are Important

    openquoteWhether you're trying to get a grant, whether you're trying to get a job, if you're trying to influence people working on important problems, it really is your ability to connect with people.closequote

    - Cathie Spino (Miami, 1983), Research Associate Professor

    Soft Skills Are Important Video Transcript