What Can I Do with a Major in English:Professional Writing?

Professional Writing is an ideal first or second major for students seeking to enter a wide range of public and professional careers. Students learn to write using digital and print media to make effective arguments and persuade audiences in business, law, government, education, and non-profit organizations.

Professional Writing majors*:

  • develop strong persuasive skills
  • work as a writer or editor
  • publish effective print and digital communications
  • participate in community- and corporate-based writing projects

Career prospects for professional writers are extensive and expected to continue to be so. In addition, the strong writing and persuasive skills you will develop in this major are considered by business leaders to be essential.

Career options for Professional Writing majors include**:

  • press representative
  • copy writer
  • production specialist
  • document and procedures analyst
  • corporate legal assistant

Additional Resources

*This is a sample of specific skills (competencies) that Professional Writing majors acquire; it is not a comprehensive list. Also note that these are in addition to the general skills that are common to all CAS majors.

**This is a sample of career options available to Professional Writing majors; it is not a comprehensive list. Also note that some of the listed career options may require additional education and/or training beyond the bachelor's degree.