To earn a degree from the College of Arts and Science, you must complete:

  • Miami Plan for Liberal Education requirements
  • College of Arts and Science requirements
  • major requirements
  • graduation requirements

Miami Plan for Liberal Education

You will take courses to meet Miami Plan requirements, regardless of your major. Courses in the Miami Plan are specifically designed to emphasize:

  • thinking critically
  • understanding contexts
  • engaging with other learners
  • reflecting and acting

The Miami Plan complements your major and broadens your view through a variety of coursework in several foundation areas. In addition to the foundation requirements, students must also complete a Thematic Sequence and a Senior Capstone.

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College of Arts and Science

The divisional requirements in Arts and Science are called the College Requirements, but are more commonly referred to as the CAS requirements. Some courses you take for the Miami Plan can also help you fulfill the College Requirements and your major requirements. It is important that you meet with your advisor or a CAS academic advisor to ensure that you are selecting courses that meet your requirements.

The College Requirements include:

  • CAS-A: Foreign Language
  • CAS-B: Humanities
  • CAS-C: Social Science
  • CAS-D: Natural Science
  • CAS-E: Formal Reasoning
  • CAS-QL: Quantitative Literacy *
  • CAS-W: Writing Competence *
  • Advanced Hours: 56 hours at or above the 200-level

* required for students who started 2013-14 forward

Note: Although some courses can be used to complete requirements in both the CAS and Miami Plan, not all Miami Plan courses meet CAS requirements and vice versa.

See "Liberal Education & Divisional Requirements: Arts Bachelor (A.B.) Degree" (Miami General Bulletin, 2016-17 and 2017-18).]

Learn more about the College Requirement (Miami General Bulletin).

Bachelor of Arts vs. Bachelor of Science

If you are working toward a Bachelor of Arts (A.B.), you must fulfill all sections of the College Requirement; if you are working toward the Bachelor of Science (B.S.), you need only fulfill CAS-A (foreign language), but the B.S. requires more hours of concentration in your major.

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Your major is your primary field of study, such as botany, French, international studies, etc. You do not need to declare a major when you enroll. You can choose your major once you've had a chance to explore your options.

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Bachelor's Degree

For the bachelor's degree, the basic requirements for graduation are:

  • Fulfill the Miami Plan:
    • Foundation Courses
    • Thematic Sequence
    • Capstone Experience
  • Complete semester hours of Field (major/minor courses, divisional requirements, electives).
  • Earn a minimum of 128 semester hours total:
    • Of the total 128 semester hours, at least 32 must be from Miami University (any campus), including 12 of the final 20 hours required for the bachelor's degree.
    • You must earn at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA, and a 2.0 GPA in your department of major.
    • If you are enrolled in one of the professional arrangement programs, in which you transfer to another university after three years, you must earn 96 Miami hours in the College of Arts and Science or 64 hours in the Richard T. Farmer School of Business. In all cases, 32 of your last 40 hours must be from Miami.
  • Apply for graduation whether or not you plan to attend the ceremony.

Applying for Graduation

Whether or not you plan to attend the commencement ceremony, you must apply for graduation and pay a fee.

To apply to graduate:

  • Login to BannerWeb.
  • Select Student Services + Financial Aid.
  • Select Student Records.
  • Select Apply to graduate.

Please apply for the graduation year in which you will complete your degree; do not apply earlier.