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The revolutions of 1989 revisited--Stefan Auer

Making the History of 1989

A Year After the Color Revolutions--Vitali Silitski

The Cuban Transition: Lessons from the
Romanian Experience
--Michael Radu

The Communist Successor Parties in Africa after the End of the Cold War --John Ishiyama


BBC On this Day (November 18, 1989): Protesters Demand Reform in Bulgaria

The Gate of Heavenly Peace--website for the The documentary film The Gate of Heavenly Peace, based on the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. 

A Cry for Democracy Ends in Bloodshed
by Wang Dan 
From Time Asia issue VOL. 154 NO. 12, dated SEPTEMBER 27, 1999 
Wang Dan was a leader of the 1989 student movement in Tiananmen Square. 

The Virtual Museum of China 1989


BBC On this Day (November 24, 1989): New Era for Czechoslovakia

BBC News: Remembering the Velvet Revolution--Interview with student demonstrator Klara Pospisilova 10 years later.

East Germany

Berlin Wall Art: The Wall Before the Fall

Berlin Wall Project: A multi-medium performance space

A commemoration of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and a 2009 Schedule of Events for 20th Anniversary

Newseum: The Berlin Wall

"Tear Down This Wall": Transcript of Ronald Reagan's Speech at the Brandenburg Gate 
West Berlin, Germany June 12, 1987

The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Pictoral Essay 





Nicolae Ceausescu's Last Public Speech - 21 dec 1989

Revolutia de la Timisoara - 22 dec 1989 (The Romanian Revolution) --Video

Romania: A Country Study
Ronald D. Bachman, ed., Washington: GPO for the Library of Congress, 1989.