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"Russian Journalism Under Fire" ended after two days of intense discussion and numerous class lectures and presentations from our conference guests over the course of three weeks. Here you can find an article by Emile Dawisha on the evening dinner lecture by Dr. Igor Zevelev, as well as the text of an article by Anna Politkovskaya,, read by Alexei Simonov during the closing lunch.

Also, you can find summaries of each conference panel as well as interviews with a number of our conference guests, written by students from Professor Patricia Newberry’s journalism class. 
Also, check out the Russian Journalism Blog, for more analysis and thoughts on the conference’s happenings from students in Dr. Karen Dawisha’s Russian Politics class.

Conference Panel Summaries:

Session 1 [PDF]*

Session 2 [PDF]*

Session 3 [PDF]*

Session 4 [PDF]*

Session 5 [PDF]*


Fred Weir [PDF]*

Nina Ognianova [PDF]*

Oleg Panfilov [PDF]*

Igor Zevelev [PDF]*

Alexey Simonov [PDF]*

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