Mountain tops of Tajikistan

Occupied since 4,000 BC, the country now known as Tajikistan has been under the rule of various empires throughout history, including the Persian Empire, the Bactrian Empire, the Samanid Empire, the Mongols, and finally, in the 19th century, the Russian Empire. After the overthrow of the Russian Tsar in 1917, Tajik guerillas waged a war against Bolshevik armies in a futile attempt to maintain independence, but ultimately failed.

As part of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan was initially grouped with what is now Uzbekistan in the Autonomous SSR of Tajikistan , but was later made a separate constituent republic. In the 1970s Islamic underground parties began to form, and served to rally Tajiks against the USSR, but real disturbances did not occur until 1990. The following year, the USSR collapsed, and Tajikistan declared its independence.

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Tolib Shakhidi, internationally famous composer born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan