What We Grow

enlarged photo of carrotsThe Institute for Food Farm grows a wide variety of fresh produce. Listed below are some of the vegetables and fruits harvested during the 2016 growing season.


We grew 2 types of beets on the farm:

  • Red Ace
  • Chioggia

We harvested about 1,200 pounds, These beet varieties typically are most abundantly available during late August until mid-September.

enlarged photo of broccoli plantBroccoli

There were 2 types of broccoli grown on the farm:

  • Gypsy
  • Bay Meadows

Combined, the farm yielded 860 pounds of broccoli.


The 2 types of carrot grown on the farm were:

  • Hercules
  • Bolero

We harvested over 1,200 pounds of carrots.

enlarged photo of kale crop in fieldKale

There were 3 varieties of kale produced at the farm:

  • Toscano
  • Darkibor
  • Starbor

The yield was close to 1,000 pounds.


We grew quite a few varieties of lettuce at the Institute for Food Farm, including:

  • Coastal Star (romaine)
  • Adriana (butterhead)
  • Red Cross (butterhead)
  • Salanova Foundation
  • Salanova Premier

Overall, we produced over 800 heads of lettuce.

enlarged photo of peppersPeppers

Our farm produced a variety of peppers, including:

  • Ace
  • Sweet Chocolate
  • Krimzon Lee

Most abundant at the height of summer, the Ace and Sweet Chocolate variety totalled about 240 pounds each, while the Krimzon Lee harvest weighed in around 120 pounds.


We grew numerous varieties of beautiful tomatoes, including

  • Sun Gold
  • Black Cherry
  • Celebrity
  • Big Beef

These tomatoes thrived in the summer, with the total annual yield exceeding 1,500 pounds.

enlarged photo of harvested squashWinter Squash

We grew a variety of winter squash, including

  • Metro PMR (butternut squash)
  • Tuffy (acorn squash)

Each of the 2 types of squash produced around 1,000 pounds.