The ILRC administers many types of national and local tests that students need for academic progression in their coursework. Below are the tests we currently provide and who they are geared for:

LANGUAGE PLACEMENT TESTING - This test is used for incoming undergraduate students new to Miami University or for undergraduate students transferring from another university. Depending on the language the student has had previous proficiency in, the language placement test will guide the student into registering for the proper course closest to the student’s language abilities.

SPEAK TESTING - The SPEAK Test is used for incoming graduate students to Miami University who does not speak English as their native or primary language and will be scheduled to teach in a classroom or will be directing instruction to undergraduate students in any of the colleges or schools at Miami.

OPI, OPIc, WPT and iWPT TESTING - Students currently enrolled in the Foreign Language Education program at Miami University who are seeking licensure to teach languages in K-12 in the state of Ohio or students who need supplemental documentation for proving language proficiency in order to meet college requirements.