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If your native language is Russian, you should not take the placement test or seek placement guidance. The language placement tests and placement guidance are intended only for student learners who wish to take Russian as a foreign language. If you have additional questions or for more information about enrolling in Russian courses, please contact the GRAMELAC department office at (513) 529-2526.

The Russian placement test at Miami University does not allow you to skip the language requirement. It is intended for students who have had experience with the Russian language and want to continue studying Russian at Miami. This test will help students with previous Russian experience determine which course at Miami is the appropriate course to continue their Russian studies.

Typically, two (or sometimes three) years of Russian in high school may only represent the material contained in the first year of the Russian 101/102 sequence at Miami. After considering both your high school preparation in Russian as well as the results of this examination, any doubts or questions concerning your placement should be considered with the assistance of one of the advisers and with the assistance of the course descriptions in the Bulletin or in your Guidebook for New Students. An adviser will be available for your questions at times indicated in your Orientation materials.

Self-placement below the level indicated by this guide without consultation with an advisor is not permitted! Please remember that once you have been placed into a Russian class, you must follow the course sequence leading to Russian 202 in order to meet the Miami Plan CAS-A language requirement.

To Take the Placement Test or to look up results from a previously taken test, click the button to the right and log in with your uniqueID and MUNet password.

For your reference, current placement test score ranges are:

000-298 = RUS 101
299-340 = RUS 102
341-425 = RUS 201
426-580 = RUS 202
581-999 = RUS 300