Phyllis A. Cummins, PhD

Assistant Director of Research
Senior Research Scholar
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Sociology & Gerontology 

Phyllis's duties as Assistant Director of research include supporting and working collaboratively with Scripps Gerontology Center staff and Gerontology faculty in finding new research opportunities, convening meetings to respond to appropriate funding opportunities, reviewing details of the request for bids, reviewing proposals, and coordinating the required documentation that supplements the research narrative and budget.


PhD, Social Gerontology, Miami University
MS, Gerontology, Florida Gulf Coast University
MBA, Finance, University of North Florida
BS, Human Performance, Florida Gulf Coast University
BS, Marketing and Real Estate, The Ohio State University

Research Interests

Work and retirement transitions, education and training for older workers, publicly sponsored employment and training programs, economic security in retirement

Biographical Sketch

Phyllis's research foci are workforce issues for older workers, including examination of the benefits of ongoing training and workforce development and the role publicly sponsored training programs play in facilitating work at older ages. Transitions between full-time employment and retirement have become increasingly complex and research to better understand these phenomena are of great interest to her. An important component of her research is gaining an understanding of the demographic characteristics of older workers, especially those who have experienced cumulative inequality over their life course and are at risk for economic insecurity in retirement. She has been involved in several research projects funded by the Ohio Department of Aging and received funding from the National Center for Educational Statistics for a commissioned paper to examine what types and intensities of adult education and training relate to labor force participation, employment status, and income level at older ages.

Selected Publications

Cummins, P., Taylor, P. & Kunkel, S.  (2015). Global Population Aging and Labor Force Implications:  Working Longer, Learning Longer.  Public Policy & Aging Report, 25(4), 120-124.  doi:10.1093/ppar/prv025

Monteiro, I., Taylor, P., Iguti, A., & Cummins, P.  (2015). Challenges for the Workforce Development of Older Workers in Brazil.  Public Policy & Aging Report,  25(4), 136-138.  doi:10.1093/ppar/prv019

Cummins, P., Harootyan, R. & Kunkel, S.  (2015). Workforce Development in the United States:  Facilitating Opportunities to Work at Older Ages.  Public Policy & Aging Report,  25(4), 150-154.  doi:10.1093/ppar/prv023

Cummins, P., & Kunkel S.  (2015). A global examination of policies and practices for lifelong learning.  New Horizons in Adult Education & Human Resource Management, 27(3), 3-17.  doi:10.1002/nha3.20107

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Cummins, P., Kunkel S. & Boehle. S.  (2014).  Older adults and transportation resources in Appalachian Ohio:  Enhancing or impairing opportunities for job training and employment? Oxford, OH:  Scripps Gerontology Center.

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