Jane Karnes Straker, PhD

Director of Research
Senior Research Scholar
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Sociology & Gerontology

As Director of Research Jane assists with planning research projects and proposals and provides support and monitoring for ongoing projects. She works to ensure that the Scripps research infrastructure is effective and up-to-date.


PhD, Human Development & Social Policy, Northwestern University
MGS, Gerontology, Miami University
BA, Art Education, Southern Illinois University

Research Interests

Consumer satisfaction with long-term services and supports, person-centered/resident-directed care, culture change, direct care workers and leadership in long-term care

Biographical Sketch

Jane K. Straker, MGS, PhD was employed by the Scripps Gerontology Center as a Deputy Project Director in November 1993. In over two decades at Scripps she has served as a Principal Investigator on over 25 studies and as a research team member on numerous others. Her work involves applied research, primarily in the area of long-term services and supports. She is currently engaged in developing a tool to measure consumer satisfaction with transportation services, directing the statewide Ohio Nursing Home and RCF Family Satisfaction surveys and serving as a team member on projects to survey Area Agencies on Aging, and Ohio Nursing Homes and Residential Care Facilities. Dr. Straker has directed or worked on projects for the Ohio Department of Aging, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, the Administration on Aging, the Dept. of Medicaid, the Commonwealth Fund, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Harvey Picker Center on Innovation and Applied Research in Long-Term Care.

Selected Publications

Stanev, S., Bailer, J., Straker, J. K., Mehdizadeh, S., Park, R. M. & Li, H. (2012). Worker injuries and safety equipment in Ohio nursing homes. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 38(6), 47-56.

Cooke, H. A., Yamashita, T., Brown, J. S., Straker, J. K. & Wilkison, S. B. (2012). An International Comparison of the Ohio Department of Aging Resident Satisfaction Survey: Applicability in a U.S. and Canadian Sample. The Gerontologist, 53(6), 1032-1045.

Straker, J. K., Boehle, S. G., Nelson, I. M., & Fox, E. (2013). Common sense for caring organizations: Results from a study of high-performing home care agencies and nursing homes. Columbus, OH: Ohio Direct Service Workforce Initiative, The Ohio Colleges of Medicine and Government Resource Center.

Williams, A., Straker, J. K., & Applebaum, R. (2014). The Nursing Home Five Star Rating: How does it compare to resident and family views of care? The Gerontologist, doi: 10.1093/geront/gnu043

Kunkel, S. R., Reece, H. ,R, & Straker, J. K. (2014). The evolution, innovation, and future of Area Agencies on Aging. Generations, 38(2), 30-39.