Global & Intercultural Studies, in its third academic year, looks back at a productive, exciting 2017
Miami's Department of Global and Intercultural Studies (GIC), officially established in fall 2015, has completed many important milestones in 2017
Prof. Card’s Mayan Discovery Touted In El Salvador
mayan-discovery-thumb.jpgDr. Jeb Card addressed an academic conference in El Salvador last week, where he described his recent discovery that a decorative Mayan flask contained a political message--one that requires historians to rethink some of their ideas about pre-contact El Salvador's place in the Mayan empire.
Were Neanderthals Really as Incapable as We Portray Them to Be?
hardy-thumb.jpgWhen we see Neanderthals in popular news reports, they are almost always portrayed negatively. These images and stereotypes stick with us and influence our opinions.
Urbanization Much More Than City Growth, Expert Says
The Humanities Center featured Neil Brenner,a professor of urban theory at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, in a lecture sponsored by the John W. Altman Program
Understanding Food Insecurity Through Archaeology
loganlecture-thumb.jpgCan archaeology contribute to an understanding of contemporary food shortages and malnutrition?
Linda Marchant Receives Two National Awards
marchant-award-thumb.jpgLinda F. Marchant, professor of anthropology at Miami University, earned the Award for Outstanding Research into Human Origins from the Center for Research into the Anthropological Foundations of Technology (CRAFT) and the Stone Age Institute.
Students Present Research at Professional Conference
brzezinski-schapker-presentation-thumb.jpgIn October, anthropology majors Emma Brzezinski and Nicole Schapker presented findings from their study “Gombe Termite Fishing Behavior: Using Noldus Observer Software to Examine Laterality” at the Midwestern Primate Interest Group meetings at Northwestern University.
A summer in the Balkans: Impactful internships in a developing democracy
One interdisciplinary program Miami offers takes students to Pristina, Kosovo for two months during the summer. Kosovo is a developing nation in the Western Balkans that declared independence from Serbia in 2008 following a series of wars and ethnic cleansing in the late 1990s
Prominent biologist and insightful educator Sean B. Carroll headlines 43rd annual Hefner Lecture
This year's 43rd annual Hefner Lecture, scheduled for Wednesday, October 18 at Miami's Oxford campus, will feature Sean B. Carroll, an award-winning scientist, writer, educator, and executive producer. He will give an academic seminar and a popular lecture, both free and open to the public