Michael A. Vincent


Curator, Herbarium; Instructor

77 Upham Hall

Biographical Information

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.  Ph. D. in Botany, May 1991.  Dissertation:  "Taxonomic and Biosystematic Studies of the Hyphomycete Genus Botryosporium Corda." 

Research Interests

  • Systematics of Fabaceae, especially the genus Trifolium worldwide.
  • Spread of exotic species in the United States
  • Flora of the Bahamas Archipelago

Courses Taught

  • BIO 302: Plant Taxonomy

Recent Publications

  • Foster, B.G. and M.A. Vincent. 2018. A new taxonomy for Trifolium variegatum and its relatives. Madroño 65: 141-150.
  • Vincent, M.A. 2018. Eucommiaceae, in R. Naczi (ed.), New Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada. New York Botanical Garden, Bronx. Pp. 1-2.
  • Ahlquist, T.K. and M.A. Vincent. 2018. Trifolium sonorense (Fabaceae), a new species in the T. mabile species complex from Arizona and Mexico. Phytoneuron 2018-1: 1-5.
  • Vincent, M.A. 2017. A new slime mold for Ohio: Physarum gyrosum Rostafinsky. Great Lakes Botanist 56: 233-234.
  • Vincent, M.A. and K. Butterworth. 2017. Trifolium hatschbachii (Fabaceae, Papilionoideae), a new species from Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. Phytologia 99(2): 111-115.
  • Vincent, M.A. and R.L. Gardner. 2016. Spread of the invasive Ravenna grass (Tripidium ravennae, Poaceae) in Ohio. Phytoneuron 2016-78. 1-9.