Academic Advising

Advising for First-year and Second-year Biology Students

If you are a first- or second-year student who has signed up for the biology, botany or zoology majors, you should already have an assigned CAS advisor who specializes in biology. If you are interested in declaring any of those majors, or any of the biology-related minors or co-majors, contact the CAS Advising Office (Make an Advising Appointment) and ask to meet with one of the biology specialists.


Advising for All Other Biology Students

If you are a junior or senior student who has signed up for the biology, botany, or zoology majors, you should have an assigned faculty advisor from the Department of Biology. That person can help you schedule, or help with your major requirements, your career plans, internships, independent study, etc.


Finding Your Assigned Advisor's Name and Information:

  1. Log in to myMiami and choose “Categories” from the left toolbar.
  2. Click on “Academics” in the popup window.
  3. Click on the “Academic Advising” box on the new page.


Students Who are Considering Biology as an Option:

If you are still undecided as to whether you should sign up for one of our majors, or if you want to explore other majors in the College of Arts and Science, you should schedule an appointment with a general CAS advisor.

Make an Advising Appointment (you will be able to indicate whether you want an in-person or online appointment through this system)


Area of Focus Within Biology

The differences between the Biology, Botany and Zoology degrees are discussed

Within any of these degree programs, you may want to concentrate on certain aspects of
biology, such as ecology or cell biology. Classes that are most appropriate for various
subfields of biology are shown here.


Other Sources of Information 

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Area of Focus Within Biology