Graduate Certificate in Ecology

Students earning a M.S. in Botany or Biology are able to earn an Ecology certificate by meeting the following course requirements:

Course Requirements

  • Pedagogy training: Complete BIO 689 during the week preceding your first fall semester in residence, and complete BIO 601 during your first fall semester in residence.
  • At least two (2) graduate seminars of topical relevance to ecology.
  • A minimum of twelve (12) credits of graduate level (e.g., 500 or above). These must include one course in population/community ecology (BIO 671), one course in ecosystem/global ecology (BIO 672), one additional graduate course in plant biology (Botany M.S.) or biology (Biology M.S.), and one course in statistics or mathematical modeling.

For more information on this interdepartmental program, contact the director of Ph.D. program in Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology at