Roman Rowers


Diane FavroFrom Brick to Marble: Did Augustus Caesar Really Transform Rome?

Diane Favro, Professor
Architecture and Urban Design and Co-­‐director of the UCLA Experiential Technologies Center

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
4:00 p.m.
204 Harrison Hall

On April 14, the UCLA Classicist and Digital Humanities pioneer Diane Favro will be here to give a talk called “From Brick to Marble: Did Augustus Caesar Really Transform Rome?”  (2014 Harrison).  Favro has used advanced modeling software to reconstruct a model of Augustan Rome in its entirety to evaluate the claim that Caesar turned Rome from a city of bricks to a city of marble.  You can get a sense of this project at . She also helped to develop the Digital Karnak.

Rome CAD Image 1

Rome Cad Image 3

Sponsored by the Department of Classics, the Humani9es Center, the Department of Architecture and Interior Design, the Department of Geography, and the Department of History.