Dr. Wilson receives Research Apprenticeship Award

Professor Liz Wilson is one of seven Miami faculty who have received a Research Apprenticeship Award from the Miami University Humanities Center for the 2015-2016 school year. The award enables Dr. Wilson to fund an undergraduate student to assist her in a research project. Through this program, student apprentices receive experience and the opportunity to work closely, one-on-one, with a faculty mentor.

Dr. Wilson's project is preparing a textbook on religion and human sexuality. Her apprentice will gather English translations of seven sacred texts around which the textbook will be structured; the apprentice will also develop a bibliography of scholarly literature about these seven texts. The apprentice is expected to log 50 hours of work in exchange for an honorarium of $400.

On December 3, Dr. Wilson will begin to screen applications for this apprenticeship. Interested students can learn more about her project and how to apply at the Humanities Center's Research Apprenticeships page.