Dr. French to become ITS affiliate

The faculty of Miami University's program in international studies have voted to award Nathan French, assistant professor in the Department of Comparative Religion, the status of program affiliate. This action formally connects Dr. French to the international studies program, in recognition that his teaching and scholarship promote the program's mission.

Dr. French is a specialist in Islam, with a particular focus on contemporary jihadist movements such as al-Qaeda and ISIS. At Miami, he has helped undergraduates conduct research into the self-perceptions of U.S.-born Muslim militants and into potential global health concerns associated with the hajj to Mecca. In January 2016, he will lead, for the third time, a study abroad trip to Oman and U.A.E., "Arab Gulf Economies in Social Transition."

Dr. French's appointment as an affiliate with international studies exemplifies the interdisciplinary nature of the major and minor in religion at Miami University, as well as the relevance of that major and minor to preparing for a career that tackles problems of the modern world. Other faculty members from the Department of Comparative Religion are affiliated as well with cognate departments or programs at Miami: Liz Wilson, with Asian and Asian American studies; Scott Kenworthy, with the Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies; and Hillel Gray, with Jewish studies.