Miami students invited to contribute to "Media, Ethics, and Religion" conference

On April 22, Christopher Newport University, in Virginia, will host the eighth annual Hoaglund Philosophy and Religious Studies Conference, on the theme "Media, Ethics, and Religion." Miami undergraduates in all disciplines are invited to submit paper proposals that in some way address the conference theme.

By March 18, you should submit an abstract, no more than approximately 200 words long, that provides an understanding of the main topics of the paper you propose to present. The recommended length of papers is 8-10 pages, double-spaced. Presentations will be 15-20 minutes long, including time for questions and answers. If your proposal is accepted for the conference, you must submit the full-length paper by April 1.

Submit your abstract to student organizer Melina Gonzales ( Include your name and institutional affiliation (Miami University).

This conference is sponsored by the Alpha chapter of Phi Sigma Tau (an honor society in philosophy) and the Alpha Theta Epsilon chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa (an honor society for the study of religion). Miami University has a chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa.