Religion dept. pushes for 30 donors for MIM 2017

Move In Miami. They unpack. We give back.#MoveInMiami 2017 will happen on Thursday, August 24--move-in day for the incoming class of 2021. On this day, the University holds a special fundraising drive, during which alumni make gifts to university programs of their choosing. Last year, #MoveInMiami raised over $1 million to enhance Miami students' educational experiences.

For this year's #MoveInMiami drive, the Department of Comparative Religion has set a goal of 30 donors to our department's programming. The Department will match donations 2-to-1 up to $1000. We are soliciting donations for the Rappleye Scholarship in particular; but alumni could choose to support other department programs, including the annual Wickenden Lecture and Puff Lecture.