Dr. Wilson speaks at Wright University
At the annual Race, Gender, Class, Sexuality Symposium, professor Liz Wilson spoke about coerced suicide among Jain women in contemporary India.
Dr. French to debate the ethics of drone warfare
Assistant professor Nathan French will debate the ethics and legality of drone warfare with a retired U.S. Air Force general at an event organized by the Alexander Hamilton Society.
Oman/UAE trip featured in "Al Bawaba"
A Middle East news site operating out of Jordan has reported on the study abroad trip that assistant professor Nathan French led to Oman/UAE during the 2016 Winter Term.
Guest speaker Ethan Katz on Muslim-Jewish encounters in France
ethan-katz.jpgDr. Katz, assistant professor of history at the University of Cincinnati, will offer perspective on the recent Paris attacks and on the rise of antisemitism, Islamophobia, and radical Islam in France.
REL students invited to submit to "The Femellectual"
fem-poster-final.jpgThe multimedia feminist publication produced by the Miami University Women's Center is calling for submissions. Deadline: March 15.
"Miami Student" reports on Oman/UAE trip
The study abroad trip to Oman and UAE led by assistant professor Nathan French during Winter Term 2016 was featured in the January 26 issue of "The Miami Student."
Applications open for Altman Undergraduate Fellows
Students interested in medicine and religion should consider applying to be a 2016-2017 Altman Undergraduate Fellow.
Upcoming talk on Kalmyk Buddhism
Postdoctoral fellow Ted Holland will speak about religious revival among the Kalmyks of Russia, the only majority-Buddhist ethnic group in Europe.
Dr. Johnson on the legacy of Dr. King
Assistant professor Rory Johnson reflects on Martin Luther King's legacy of nonviolence at the blog "Sightings."