Guest speaker Robin Judd on Jewish war brides and American GIs
judd-robin.jpgA professor of history at Ohio State University, Dr. Judd will speak on October 19.
TAK invites submissions for the 2016 Albert Clark Award
Awards of $250-$500 will go to the best student papers in religious studies or theology.
Lakota medicine man Gilly Running to visit Miami
running-gilly-135x135.jpgHe comes as a guest speaker for AMS/REL 346, "Issues in the Study of Native American Religions."
Graduate Jacqueline Morgan interns with the Hudson Institute, Potomac Institute
After graduating in May with a double major in religion and political science, Jacqueline hits the ground running!
CRSA's first meeting of the semester to be held Sept. 24
crsa-symbols.jpgAll are invited to help brainstorm activities for the semester: films to view, speakers to invite, presentations from faculty or students.
Recent publications by Drs. Wilson and French
Dr. Wilson has published a bibliography on Buddhist asceticism. Dr. French has a forthcoming article on how jihadists and the U.S. government use law to authorize violence.
Applications are open for Winter 2016 Oman trip
Students will explore the intersection of religion, culture, and business in a dynamic Arabian Gulf society.
Dr. Hanges blogs about early Christians and disconfirmation
His op-ed for "The Bible and Interpretation" argues that the Gospels show Jewish Christians struggling to rethink their movement.
Religion faculty mentor Undergraduate Summer Scholars
Students Jackie Wagner and Kimberly Blake will pursue research projects on 9/11 and the "patriotic sacred" and on preservation practices at a Mormon historic site.