Faculty and Staff

Department staff

Kimberly EadsKimberly Eads, Program Associate
203A Upham Hall
(513) 529-4300
Contact about: Registration processes; curriculum questions; all things "Miami"

Department faculty

John-Charles DuffyJohn-Charles Duffy, Assistant Teaching Professor
200G Upham Hall
(513) 529-4304
Areas of expertise: Religious pluralism in the U.S.; church and state; science and religion; Mormonism; dynamics of new religious movements

Nathan FrenchNathan French, Assistant Professor
200E Upham Hall
(513) 529-4305
Areas of expertise: Islamic law (sharīʿa); histories and theories of jihad; Islamism; religion and politics; religion and violence

Also affiliated with: International Studies

Katie Hladky GrantKatie Hladky Grant, Instructor
No office on campus (Online courses only)
(513) 529-4300
Areas of expertise: American and African American religious history; religion and sexuality, gender, violence, and power; online pedagogy

Hillel GrayHillel Gray, Assistant Teaching Professor | Coordinator, Jewish Studies Program
200H Upham Hall
(513) 529-4309
Areas of expertise: Judaism; Jewish law; religious bioethics; transgender; environmental ethics; fundamentalism or religious "extremism"

James C. HangesJames C. Hanges, Professor | Department Chair | Chief Departmental Advisor
203 Upham Hall
(513) 529-2029
Areas of expertise: Religion and politics; New Testament; early Christianity and rabbinic Judaism; Pentecostalism and evangelicalism

Also affiliated with: Department of Classics

Rory JohnsonRory Johnson, Assistant Professor
200D Upham Hall
(513) 529-4303
Areas of expertise: Paganism and new religious movements; African American religions; religions of Africa and the Diaspora; religion and technology; religion and economy

Scott KenworthyScott Kenworthy, Associate Professor
200C Upham Hall
(513) 529-4308
Areas of expertise: Religion in Russia; Eastern Orthodox Christianity; history of Christianity; global Christianity

Also affiliated with: Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies; Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies; Department of History

Liz WilsonLiz Wilson, Professor
200F Upham Hall
(513) 529-4307
Areas of expertise: Religions of South Asia; Buddhism; religion and gender; marriage and same-sex unions

Also affiliated with: Asian/Asian-American Studies; Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Affiliated faculty

These are faculty in other departments who teach courses or do research related to the study of religion. Courses they teach may satisfy the related-hours requirement for Comparative Religion majors.

James BieloJames Bielo, Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
124A Upham Hall
(513) 529-8777

Related area: Anthropology of Christianity in contemporary North America

Jana Evans BrazielJana Evans Braziel, Western College Endowed Professor
Department of Global & Intercultural Studies
34 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-3996

Related area: Haitian Vodou and other African diasporic religions in the Americas

John CinnamonJohn Cinnamon, Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
134 Upham Hall
(513) 785-3270

Related area: Intersections of religion, politics, ethnicity, and nationalism in Africa

Sandra GarnerSandra Garner, Associate Professor
American Studies Program
127 MacMillan Hall
(513) 529-5333

Related area: Native American cultures and religions; interreligious dialogue between Native and non-Native Americans

Deborah LyonsDeborah Lyons, Associate Professor
Department of Classics
104 Irvin Hall
(513) 529-1487

Related area: Greek mythology and religion

Yihong PanYihong Pan, Professor
Department of History
276 Upham Hall
(513) 529-5138

Related area: Religion in China

Homayun SidkyHomayun Sidky, Professor
Department of Anthropology
116D Upham Hall
(513) 529-1591

Related area: Anthropology of shamanism in Nepal