Graduating Miami seniors at commencement

Recent Graduates

Congratulations to our department's most recent graduates! Seven majors in Comparative Religion graduated in May 2017. Here's what's next for them.

Sam Bachmann

Double major: Religion + international studies

What’s next? Is now serving as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.

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Alexa Ekberg

Double major: Religion + media and culture

What’s next? Is considering applying to film school.

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Samantha Gauer

Double major: Religion + media and culture

What’s next? Is looking for practical experience in film production.

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Nate Johnson

Double major: Religion + political science

What’s next: Is working with AmeriCorps on refugee resettlement in Cincinnati.

Ian Marker

Double major: Religion + strategic communication

What’s next? Is seeking an advertising or public relations position in Cincinnati.

Brandon Mueller

Double major: Religion + diplomacy and global politics

What’s next? Is moving to Virginia to begin work for the U.S. military.

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Owen Walsh

Double major: Religion + economics

What’s next? Is going to study human rights law at the University of Cincinnati.

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