Sikh schoolchildren in a combination of traditional and contemporary American dress, watching a performance.
Young Buddhist monks against the backdrop of a modern urban street in Southeast Asia.
An older man holding a U.S. flag angrily confronts two teenagers holding a sign calling for religious tolerance.
A traditional healer attends to a client.
Charismatic Christians lay hands on president Donald Trump as they pray for him.
A woman looks up at the camera as she sits on a floor near lighted candles.


In an Iranian courtroom, a woman speaks at a podium.
A line of people, young and old, Native and non-Native, pray in the mountains with a leader wearing ceremonial Native dress.

Thematic Sequences

From a graduate:

"My study of religion was very successful at teaching me to analyze and synthesize material, think critically, and write well."
Jeffery Schiffman
Urban planning and law

If you would like to take more than just a single course on religion, but not an entire minor or major, consider one our department's Thematic Sequences. A Thematic Sequence is a three-course series designed to guide you from basic to more specialized knowledge in the field, while allowing you some flexibility in which courses you take.

The Global Miami Plan requires you to complete a Thematic Sequence unless you have a minor or second major outside your department of major.

What does a Thematic Sequence in religion give you for the job market?

  • Exposure to a diversity of religious traditions.
  • Basic understanding of how religions influence individuals and societies.
  • 9 credit hours of coursework designed to develop your skills in writing, critical reading, critical thinking, analysis, and intercultural competence.

How does a Thematic Sequence compare with a minor or major in the study of religion? Compare them side by side.

Your options

Note:  REL 101, a Miami Plan Foundation course, serves as the first step in both of our Thematic Sequences. So if you've already taken REL 101, you need to take only two more courses to complete the Thematic Sequence of your choice.