Student displaying his poster presentation at Miami

First Year Research Experience

Application due: Typically in early July before you begin your first year at Miami. Check the program's website.

The First Year Research Experience--or FYRE (pronounced "fire")--is sponsored by Miami's Office of Research for Undergraduates. The program gives students hands-on research experience outside of the traditional classroom setting by connecting first-year students with faculty mentors. You collaborate with your mentor on a research project over the course of your first school year.

The program requires that you enroll in a one-credit course (EDL 260) and commit 4-6 hours per week to your faculty-mentored research project. You have the option of creating poster presentations about your research for Miami's undergraduate research forum, held each spring semester.

Past FYRE projects in our department

Here are some projects that faculty from the Department of Comparative Religion have worked on with FYRE students in recent years.

19th-century painting of the spirit of American progress advancing across the continentEmpire and American Religion: Teaching U.S. Religious History in Global Perspective

Faculty mentor: John-Charles Duffy

Student collaborators:
Paige Etchison, first-year major in microbiology
Runan Sui, first-year major in international studies

Dr. Duffy is planning a textbook that will teach U.S. history through the thematic lens of "religion and empire." Paige and Runan conducted library research to compile historical information that Dr. Duffy needs to craft abstracts of the textbook's chapters, to be included in the book proposal that will be submitted to potential publishers. Paige's and Runan's contributions will be credited in the published textbook.