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Dean's Scholar Program

Offered by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, this program is designed to encourage scholarly activity among Miami’s best seniors. Scholars are chosen on the basis of proposals they submit in late winter. The project must be conducted as an Independent Study for Honors (ENG 480) during the senior year. The student receives a stipend to support the study, as well as three credit hours per semester for ENG 480. Full information is contained in an annual announcement from the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies.

Undergraduates who have exhibited excellence in the classroom and the ability to take on the extra challenges of research and scholarly work may be invited to participate in a Dean’s Scholar Program within their division. Currently, the College of Arts and Science offers a Dean’s Scholars Program; other divisions are developing similar programs.

Selection Process

Approximately 30 students are selected in the spring of their junior year to participate as Dean’s Scholars their senior year. Individual departments develop their own criteria for selecting scholars, but those selected must have conceived and proposed a project that is endorsed by a faculty mentor.

The Project

During the senior year, Dean’s Scholars conduct independent study with a departmental mentor. The scholar and the mentor each receive a $750 professional expense stipend. Students conduct the study under the individual department’s independent study or departmental honors course numbers, thereby earning academic credit for the project. The senior project should culminate in significant work of scholarship, with aim toward national/international publication/performance/dissemination.

Research Conference

In April of each year, the College of Arts and Science will host a one-day conference with poster sessions and presentations by Dean’s Scholars. The students and their mentors organize the conference, having met and organized a steering committee early in the academic year, with the aid of the dean’s office. Scholars are expected to present their results at the conference, which culminates in an evening banquet and presentation of a certificate for each scholar.