Independent Study – Reading and Writing

Independent Study in English provides a means for students to expand, enrich, or deepen their understanding of an aspect of their classroom study, or to undertake an investigation in a subject not covered in a regular course.

The Department of English offers Independent Study in all of its disciplines (creative writing, literary and cultural studies, linguistics, and professional writing). Independent Study may be conducted for one to five semester credit hours; the proposed study must not duplicate any course available to the student.

Any student in the University is eligible to submit a proposal. Finding an instructor willing to mentor an independent study is always the student’s responsibility, but the instructor will assist in shaping and refining the study.

The student must submit the Independent Study Proposal Form available from 356 Bachelor, and must obtain the required signatures on an Independent Study permit available in 356 or from the Registrar’s office. Proposals should be submitted by the fourteenth week of the semester preceding the one in which the study will occur.

For information and Independent Study forms, contact Gabriele Bechtel, Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Studies ( | 356H Bachelor Hall).