Administrative Opportunities

A considerable strength of our program is that we offer extensive and diverse administrative opportunities for graduate students to gain professional, administrative experience while contributing in positive ways to the university community. For doctoral students especially, this level and scope of administrative experience provides a strong professional credential for university writing program administration.

We offer administrative opportunities in first-year composition, digital writing, writing centers, and writing-across-the-curriculum/writing-in-the-disciplines programs.

Assistant Directors of Composition

Each year two doctoral students are awarded positions as Assistant Directors of Composition. In this capacity, they serve as co-administrators with the Director of Composition, helping with administration, curriculum development, and teacher preparation in the first-year composition program. Their primary responsibilities are:

  • to co-teach with the Director the graduate seminars and practica on the teaching of writing (ENG 731, ENG 606, and ENG 607);
  • to advise and work with the new TAs who are teaching first-year composition (ENG 111) and advanced composition (ENG 225).

Assistant Coordinator of the Digital Writing Collaborative

Each semester one PhD student serves as the Assistant Coordinator of the Digital Writing Collaborative, assisting the faculty member Coordinator in providing support for digital writing instruction, offering workshops to instructors, and helping to design and coordinate the use of computer classrooms. This Assistant Coordinator position allows graduate students to take a leadership role in shaping the composition curriculum, provides experience in administrative work, and offers the opportunity for more extensive experience with integrating digital technologies in the study and teaching of writing, all highly-needed skills for teaching in the 21st-century. This position is open to all graduate students with consideration being given for applicants with prior experience teaching composition in computer classrooms (either at Miami or at other institutions).

Digital Writing Consultants

MA and PhD students are eligible to serve as consultants advising students and faculty in English on composing with digital technologies and offering workshops on such topics as Integrating Social Media and Creating Videos with Vimeo.

Assistant Directors & Consultants, the Howe Writing Initiative in the Farmer School of Business 

The Howe Writing Initiative is a writing center, writing-across-the-curriculum program, and business writing program designed to enhance the quality of student writing and the teaching of writing in the Farmer School of Business. Each year three doctoral students in composition and rhetoric serve as the Assistant Directors, mentoring and teaching undergraduate consultants, advising and collaborating with business faculty, and offering consultations and workshops about writing. MA and PhD students also have the opportunity to work in the HWI as research assistants and writing center consultants.

Assistant Directors and Consultants, Howe Center for Writing Excellence 

The Howe Center for Writing Excellence is a university-wide center that involves both a writing-across-the-curriculum (WAC) program and the Howe Writing Center (a student writing center where undergraduate and graduate consultants work with student writers). A variety of assistantships and paid hourly opportunities exist for MA and PhD students to work as Writing Center consultants and as assistants on various WAC projects and other initiatives, providing graduate students with excellent opportunities for gaining experience in these important areas of writing studies.

The Ohio Writing Project  & Department of English Master of Arts in Teaching 

One of the first sites of the prestigious National Writing Project, the OWP is an active professional development program offering workshops and seminars for K-16 teachers. The OWP offers an annual youth writing camp, a large fall teacher conference, and administers Miami’s Master of Arts in Teaching English (MAT).  The OWP welcomes students who are interested in writing program administration, middle/high school writing center development, and K-12 literacy projects.