Ashley Jose and Helane Androne

Fall/Spring OWP Workshops

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  • Teacher as Writer Workshop | January 23 – May 6 |Hybrid | 3 credits
    In this intense hybrid writing workshop, participants will practice writing in a variety of forms, genre, and styles; focus on building their own personal writing skills; prepare a publication piece, and enjoy sharing their writing with other professionals in their field. This workshop is designed to assist K-12 teachers, regardless of status, in their continuous desire to grow as writers and to experience a community of writers in support of their progress as writers. In addition to online work, the class will meet at Miami's Voice of America Learning Center on February 4March 4April 1, and May 6, 2017.
  • Using Humor in the Classroom | March 4 & 5 | Voice of America Learning Center | 1 credit
    One student recently asked, “Why does everything we read have to be sad?” Maybe it doesn’t. Humor is a powerful tool for creating a community of learners and for teaching reading and writing, yet it is often overshadowed by more “important” texts. In this two-­day workshop, teachers will read professional literature, explore a range of resources, practice a variety of strategies and design lessons for using and teaching humor in the classroom. Join us for a little bit of laughter! 
  • Writing Center Development | March 11 & 12 | Voice of America Learning Center | 1 credit
    As a special collaboration between the OWP and the Howe Center for Writing Excellence at Miami, this workshop will focus on how K-12 teachers can develop, establish, maintain and sustain their own writing center programs. Participants will consider the structures, management, and logistics of various kinds of writing centers as well as the pedagogies for training student consultants.