OWP Teacher Conference

Fall/Spring OWP Workshops

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Making Spaces for Literacy: Intersections of Innovations, Personalized Learning and Choice in a Literacy Classroom

Personalized learning. Innovator’s Mindset. Voice and Choice. Maker Spaces. Genius Hour. Flexible Seating. These are more than buzz-words - they are a way to think about a literacy classroom. Join OWP in this two-day workshop to read professional literature, practice strategies and share inquiry into making spaces for literacy. We’ll dig into the thinking around current conversations and their intersections with literacy instruction and take home concrete ways to strengthen our foundations and build learning spaces for students.

OWP Teacher Leaders: Liz Dooley (Mason SD), Elizabeth Farris (Lakota SD), Meghan Treglia (Forest Hills SD), Noah Waspe (Athens SD)
When: November 4 & 5, 2017
Where : VOALC

Implementing Literacy Practices Online Workshop

The course focuses on implementing literacy practices learned at the OWP Teacher Conference, OWP Professional Development at a school and/or from a professional text. Teachers will be reading a professional text or using new learning, implementing literacy practices in their classroom, reflecting on their reading and teaching practice and responding to peers.

When: October 16 - November 10, 2017
Where : Online