Digital Writing Collaborative

The Digital Writing Collaborative (DWC) is a network of teachers and students whose mission is to develop and sustain a culture and community of digital writing, learning, and teaching in all areas of English Studies.

The mission of the DWC is

  • To support students and instructors as they learn and teach with digital technologies and digital texts in a variety of English courses.
  • To sustain a rich teaching community, which values and supports creative and analytic reflection and collaboration in digital pedagogy.
  • To develop robust curricula for the integration of digital technologies and digital texts in English Studies courses in flexible, accessible ways that meet the needs of diverse learners and diverse areas of study.
  • To advocate for increased access to curricular and material resources for students and teachers.
  • To foster research about digital writing practices both within the classroom and outside of it. To build connections with other digital initiatives across campus and across the country.

Why Teach and Learn Digital Writing?

Writing has changed dramatically in the last ten years.Digitized technologies have changed the processes, spaces, and products of writing in school, in the workplace, and in the civic sphere.

Networked connectivity presents new rhetorical situations and potentially global audiences for communicating.

Digital media allow for the increased integration of images, audio, and animation into texts.

Writing with images and sounds can help students develop new ideas for inventing and revising print/alphabetic texts.

An overabundance of (mis)information on the Web requires increasingly sophisticated research skills.

Writing with images and sounds can help students develop a more critical understanding of the media texts (video, audio, still images) that saturate our lives.

Writing digital texts for audiences beyond the classroom can enhance students’ engagement and help students deepen their understanding of rhetorical concepts.

The DWC Response

To better prepare students for writing in the 21st century, the Department of English introduced in 2006 Digital Writing sections of the required first-year Miami Plan courses, English 111 and 112. From that first pilot, we now offer nearly 100 percent of College Composition sections on the Oxford campus in laptop or desktop classrooms.