The Piana del Cansiglio

The Piana del Cansiglio


Italy is the cradle of western civilization: seat of the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church, the cultural center and economic powerhouse of the Mediterranean for nearly two millennia. And because of its geographic situation it has acted as a bridge between Europe and the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean throughout its history. No nation is more important to Europe's past or more central to its future.

The Italian Studies major introduces students to Italian civilization and teaches them the skills that will give them access to contemporary Italy. At the same time, the major emphasizes Italy's important role in a global context, its history of communication with the rest of the world, and its multi-ethnic future. Students may take courses in Italian language, literature, history, art history, cinema and opera for credit toward the major.

UrbinoItaly is a very popular study abroad destination for Miami students, second only to the Miami campus at Luxembourg in yearly enrollments. Students may take our summer language courses in Urbino, a beautiful Renaissance city in northern Italy. Or they may register in a wide range of approved courses, offered by other Miami departments and by other universities.

The Italian Studies program sponsors film series every year, and a weekly Italian Table, where students can practice their Italian over dinner.

Students with questions about undergraduate programs in Italian should contact Dr. Andrea Righi.

Access the course requirements and descriptions listed in the Miami Bulletin for Italian!