Le Procope: the oldest restaurant in Paris

Le Procope: the oldest restaurant in Paris

The Major in French

Purpose of the French Major in a Liberal Education

The goal of the French major is to encourage students to learn and think critically about literature and other aspects of culture, while they develop proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking French. As students learn to analyze works from France and francophone regions, they will gain awareness of a variety of ideological, historical, and philosophical issues that are implicit in cultural texts. We believe that a liberal education should encourage critical thinking on culture from the beginning to the end of students' university careers, and indeed throughout their lives--personal and professional.

Requirements for the B.A. in French

The student will take 30 hours of French courses. After taking French 301, prerequisite to all 300 level courses), students will take 6 hours from FRE 302, FRE 303, or FRE 310, in no particular sequence. Of the remaining 21 hours, 18 hours will be at the 400 level, including the required 3 hour seminar (FRE 410). Students can apply only 3 hours from courses in translation toward the major. A course taken on a "credit/no credit" basis may count toward the major only upon petition and review by the Department. FRE 361, Pronunciation, does not count toward the major.

Requirements for French Education Majors

Major Requirements in French: 34 hours of courses at the 300 level or above. Requirements include FRE 301; two courses (6 hours) from FRE 302, FRE 303, and FRE 310; one course (3 hours) not already taken, from FRE 302, FRE 303, FRE 310, or FRE 307.L; FRE 341, FRE 361 (with a minimum of a B), and FRE 411. The remaining hours must include FRE 410 (3 credits); plus at least one course from FRE 404, FRE 423, FRE 442, FRE 451, FRE 453, FRE 454, or FRE 462. FRE 341.W (French Conversation in Dijon, France) is a recommended elective.

N.B.: Study abroad is required. FRE 411.W, in Dijon, may be taken for 4 hours by French Education majors.

Teacher Licensure

Students may earn an B.A. in French in the College of Arts and Science and become certified to teach by fulfilling the requirements for teacher licensure explained in the Licensure Handbook at School of Education and Allied Professions.

By earning an B.A. in French with teacher licensure, often students automatically satisfy the requirements for two degrees: an B.A. in the College of Arts and Science and a B.S. in Education. Early in their programs students should carefully plan their schedules with academic advisors from both the College of Arts and Science and the School of Education and Allied Professions.

Double Majors

Because the study of French language, literature, and culture relates significantly to many other major fields of study, there are numerous opportunities to graduate with a double major in French and another field. Some students even manage to do a triple major or a double major with teacher licensure. Frequently second majors include International Studies, English, Political Science, Individualized Studies, Business, History, Mass Communication, or another foreign language.