The Pont des arts and the Seine River in Paris

The Pont des arts and the Seine River in Paris

The Major in Italian Studies

Requirements for the B. A. in Italian Studies

First year Italian language courses (ITL 101 and 102 or ITL 105.W) are prerequisites for the major; the student will take 30 credit hours of Italian and Italian related courses above the 100 level. Italy: Matrix of Civilization (ITL 221) is required for all majors. Students will select a minimum of 18 hours from core courses in Art, Classics, History, Italian Studies, or Music, and the remaining hours (a maximum of 9) from either core courses or our list of auxiliary Italian-related courses (see below for details).

Students are also encouraged to attend the M.U. Summer Language Institute in Urbino, Italy.

Core courses: 18 to 27 hours should be taken from ART 314, ART 484, CLS 102, CLS 402, HST 315, HST 328, HST 452, ITL 201 and ITL 202 (or ITL 205.W), ITL/AMS/FST 222, ITL/FST 262,ITL 301, ITL 302, ITL 305.W,  ITL/ENG 364, ITL/ENG 401, ITL 410, or MUS 180.B.

Any remaining hours, a maximum of 9, can be taken from ARC 405.E, ART 316, ART 381, ART 382, ART 383, CLS 215, CLS 224, CLS 332, HST 448, or HST 449.