Intensive Italian in Urbino, Italy

Boats docked at a village in Sicily Boats docked at a village in Sicily
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This Intensive Summer Institute offers you the unique opportunity to learn Italian while being immersed in Italian life and culture.  In seven weeks, you will earn the same credit (eight semester credits) normally earned in a full academic year of language study!

In addition to being able to improve your mastery of the language, you will also participate in activities specifically designed to engage you in the local community and to enhance your cultural competence.  You will have the opportunity to experience Italian culture in the most natural way in one of most idyllic cities in Italy—Urbino. It is the ideal setting for your linguistic and personal growth as the learning process is constant—not just while you are in class or studying but while you are enjoying leisure time.

The program offers many opportunities for you to travel around Italy during the free long weekends (Fridays to Sundays) and to develop knowledge of Italian culture and life, while exploring the rich historical, artistic and natural heritage of Italian cities and towns. Most of these trips are covered by your program fee.

For Summer 2018, the program dates are: June 2nd (arrival date in Bologna airport)- July 20th.



The Institute is held in Urbino, a beautiful small city (approximately 18,000 inhabitants), which, under the Montefeltro family, became one of the most important centers of the Italian Renaissance, the setting of Baldessar Castiglione's masterpiece Il cortegiano (The Book of the Courtier), and the birthplace of the famous artist Raffaello, and which today hosts a prestigious university (approximately 15,000 students) and a national art museum. Urbino is located in the foothills of the Apennines, well off the routes of mass tourism, but within easy week-end distance of other centers of Italian culture such as Florence, Rome, and Venice, as well as the Adriatic Coast. Best of all, the Urbinati are very receptive to students and to your desire to speak their language.

Urbino is well connected to Pesaro, one of the capital cities of the Marche region and a beach town in the Adriatic coast. There are buses running from Urbino to Pesaro beach every hour for a price of 3.40 euro (one way). From Pesaro you can catch a train to any other cities in Italy.

Train schedules and prices


Any student in good standing, with a minimum overall G.P.A. of 2.00 at Miami University or at any other recognized college or university is eligible, including incoming first-year students (graduating high school seniors eligible for college study), high school students accepted to the Miami University advanced study program for high school students, college graduates, graduate students, and teachers.


All language courses offer eight semester credits and meet three hours per day. Students are also required to enroll to 1 credit course (ITL 399), which focuses on cultural competencies in Italy and is conducted in English. 

Faculty and Lingua Ideale

Classes are taught by the program director Dr. Nicoletta Pazzaglia, a Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian at Miami University in collaboration with a team of instructors from Lingua Ideale. Each member of Lingua Ideale teaching staff is truly specialized, as they are native Italian speakers, have a Master’s Degree in teaching Italian to foreigners, or a similar qualification and have teaching experience, gained in Italy and abroad.

The theoretical and methodological framework of the courses favors the communicative approach which centers on inductive modes of learning. Classes are highly interactive and assume the active oral participation of all students. All language courses are conducted in Italian.

For more information about Lingua Ideale click here.

Course List

  • Italian 105—Intensive Elementary Italian, is for beginners with no previous Italian. There are no prerequisites. The emphasis is on aural-oral communication.
  • Italian 205—Intensive Intermediate Italian, is for students who have had one year of college level Italian or the equivalent. It includes review and improvement of the basic language elements, structured conversation, and the reading of contemporary Italian texts with emphasis on the oral discussion of those texts.
  • Italian 305—Intensive Advanced Italian, is for students who have had two years of college level Italian or the equivalent. It includes written composition, structured conversation, and Italian culture.
  • Italian 680—Independent Study in Italian Language is for college graduates. It includes participation in either ITL 105, 205, or 305 plus additional reading in a graduate field of study.
  • Italian 399- A one credit pass/fail course that aims at developing cultural competencies in Italy. Students are required to complete a weekly blog entry and to work in group on a final project

Students who have completed ITL 101 or ITL 201 successfully may attend the last four weeks of ITL 105 or ITL 205 and receive 4 credits for Italian language and pay only half the tuition. Students are however required to participate to the full program length.

Cultural Immersion Activities

Each week, usually on a Tuesday afternoon, students will participate in planned cultural activities which may include group trips to major historical cities, local festivals, natural areas in the Marche region and even a cooking course.  Through these activities students have the opportunity to engage with Italian citizens, to experience Italian culture values, and to learn how to appropriately adapt to the Italian cultural norms and expectations.

Some of the activities we did in 2016 were the following:

  • Cooking course: afternoon short course to learn how to cook typical regional meal; a dinner with the cooked meals and other typical meals included in the price 
  • Discovering Urbino: guided tour of the Ducal Palace, Raffaello’s House and the Renaissance city of Urbino
  • Gradara Castle: guided tour of the medieval fortress in Gradara, the historical place of the legendary love between Paolo and Francesca.
  • Furlo Pass: an afternoon hike to The Furlo Pass (Gola del Furlo or Passo del Furlo in Italian) a gorge on the ancient Roman road Via Flaminia in the Marche region.

Tuition and Fees

The 2018 tuition, link below, is the same as for eight semester credits during a summer session on the Oxford campus. All amounts are subject to change by the Miami University Board of Trustees.


*50% reduction of the non-Ohio resident surcharge paid for courses on the Oxford campus.
Students will also be assessed a $175 workshop fee by Miami University.


Scholarships ranging from $100 to c. $2000 are available. Application forms will be mailed to those who have been accepted to the Institute.


Students will arrange for their own transportation to Italy, so as to arrive at Bologna's Airport (BLQ) Saturday morning, June 10th. Dr. Pazzaglia will meet them with a chartered bus to take them to Urbino.


The Institute arranges your lodging for you. Arrangements include rented rooms in private homes and independent mini-apartments. All rooms are clean, comfortable, and within walking distance of classes. A $500.00 deposit, that you make to the Institute after your acceptance, is used to reserve your room and serve as a security deposit.


You may eat your midday and evening meals at the University of Urbino dining hall where, in 2016, full-course meals cost about $6.00, whereas half-course meals cost about $ 3.00. You are free to take your meals wherever you wish, but, assuming two full meals in the dining hall plus continental breakfast, the cost for meals amounted to approximately $750 for the seven-week period. A slight increase may be expected for 2017, but exact costs will depend on the Dollar-Euro exchange rate.

Miscellaneous Expenses

  • Passport: $110.00 to renew / $135.00 for new (valid for ten years)
  • Textbooks: $75 to $150.00 (approximate)
  • Program Fees: $1000 (the fees include lodging and transportation from Bologna airport, weekly group activities and field trips).
  • Administrative Fee: $175 
  • Out-of-Pocket: Approximately $ 2600 (the estimate cost includes the flight to Bologna, meals and HTH insurance)

Application Procedure

The application process is now open!

You are encouraged to submit your application as soon as possible because qualified applicants are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis generally within one week after receipt of the application. The group is typically limited to twenty-five students. On March 1st, 2017 you will be expected to confirm your place in the Institute by making a $500 deposit that will be used to reserve your lodging, and is non-refundable. The full program fee is due on April 1st, 2017.

Apply here

Contact Information

For more information and/or questions, contact the director:

Dr. Nicoletta Pazzaglia at
Department of French and Italian
Miami University
Office: 219 Irvin Hall 
Oxford, OH 45056

Student Testimonials

It’s really hard to sum up the “new insights” I gained from going to Italy, from achieving one of the goals I thought would take a lifetime to accomplish. I feel the entire trip moved me in ways I’m not yet able to explain, and even in ways that haven’t happened yet, because these adventures and experiences shaped me, made me a different person, provided me with a new perspective on what it means to live not just in a single isolated country but in the world. I could compare and contrast cultures; I could highlight deficits and areas for improvement in my own country’s prevalent ideologies; I gained a thirst for travel, a new confidence in myself that resulted from organizing trips and trains and hotel stays – a belief that I really had the agency and the capability to enable my dreams and even project my beliefs and enact change. It was unraveling and empowering. It absolutely changed my life and the way I view life in general. In short, my seven weeks in Italy were the most profound of my life so far, and I’m so, so grateful to have received the opportunity to go, to learn, to live (Cantrell, Kinsey).Click here to see a video Lexi Lewis, our student of ITL 205 W, made of summer experience in Italy (Summer 2016): youtube video.