Robbyn Abbitt

GIS Coordinator
Miami University
109 Shideler Hall
Oxford, Ohio  45056
(513) 529-5016


  • BS 1996, Indiana University
  • MS 1999, University of Idaho


  • Food Deserts and Food Access in Butler County, Ohio
  • LiDAR applications for Stream Mapping
  • Environmental Science & Natural Resources
  • Conservation Planning


  • GEO 442/542: Advanced GIS (Offerred every Fall and Spring semester)
  • Advanced Topics in GIS Seminar (Offerred some Spring semesters)
  • Advanced GIS II 3 credit course (Offerred some Spring semesters)
  • I also help with a portion of these courses:  GISci Topics in Landscape Ecology (GEO 444/544), Regional Physical Environments (GEO 221), Advanced Urban and Regional Planning (GEO 459)

Selected Publications

Medley, K., K. Maingi, J. Maingi, R. Abbitt. 2018. Short-term dynamics in livelihood conditions and woody plant extraction as an environmental entitlement at Mt. Kasigau, Kenya. GeoJournal.

Winn, N., C.E. Williamson, R.J.F. Abbitt, K. Rose, W. Renwick, M. Henry, J. Saros.  2009.  Modeling Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) in Subalpine and Alpine Lakes with GIS and Remote Sensing.  Landscape Ecology.  24:807-816.

Wagner, T., P.A. Soranno, B. Renwick, K. Webster, P.Vaux, R.J.F. Abbitt. 2008.  Quantifying sample biases of inland lake state sampling programs for states in the mid-west and northeast, United States.  Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.  141:131-147.

Sowa, S.P., D.D. Diamond, R. Abbitt, G.M. Annis, T. Gordon, M.E. Morey, G.R. Sorensen, and D. True. 2004. The aquatic component of GAP analysis: a Missouri prototype.  Final Report to United States Department of Defense Legacy Program, Project numbers 981713 and 991813.

Abbitt, R.J.F., J.M. Scott. 2001. “Examining Differences Between Recovered and Declining Endangered Species”, Conservation Biology, 15:1274-1284.

Scott, J.M., R.J.F. Abbitt, C.R. Groves. 2001. “What Are We Protecting?” Conservation Biology in Practice, 2:18-19.

Svancara, L.K., R.J.F. Abbitt, G.M. Minshall, G.R. Wright. 2000. Creating a Conservation Plan for Latah County, Idaho. GAP Analysis Bulletin 9.

Abbitt, R.J.F., J.M. Scott, D.S. Wilcove. 2000. “The Geography of Vulnerability: Incorporating Species Geogrpahy and Human Development Patterns in Conservation Planning”. Biological Conservation, 96:169-175.